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I Quit My Job For Occupy

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F#$book Is In, Apparently

One of the main reasons my blog is so dead these days is that all the action it might once have seen is now occurring on my two Facebook accounts.

FB – rapacious motherfucker that it is – has eaten my blog.

I’m not particularly happy about this, but so it goes. Can’t force shit.

Here is the news:

I am doing alright; better even. I’ve become a bit decadent over the semester break but that’s okay. I need a new job, and I’ve all but decided to defer school for the rest of the year to focus on making some money and generally sloughing off the final vestiges of My Worst Depression Since 2005 ™ – which is, pleasingly, drawing to a close fucking FINALLY.

Bring on spring.

I had another bustup with Lady J the week before last, which has made me a bit sad. But I’ll get over it. And in thematically related news, I’m still estranged from my former associate the artist sometimes known as Schnozzie, which also continues to cause me grief.

Being severely alienated from people you love a lot and have epic history with really sucks.

What else? My sister moved house last weekend, which was a major operation and marked the end of an era. Her new place is massive – she now has her own studio, which I am very envious of – and her new housemates are lovely. Yay Toots’s new house.

Finally: I’m having a birthday party on September 24th. It’s going to go OFF. You should totally come.

Generally speaking we’re on the up, at long last.

That is all for now!!!


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SRC Xmas Party

17th December.

Vale SRC. I’m gonna miss you hugely in some ways; in other ways not so much. I’ll certainly miss your Xmas parties. Or maybe I’ll just crash them.

The following was captured at Harrie & Atkins’ house, at some point quite far into the 17-odd hours’ worth of extended shenanigans.

Messy night; messy audio. But I like it.


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25th September.

I heart Prudence.

(Starring Toots, Zack & Grimsey.)


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Hello, Blog (redux)

It’s wet today. It’s nice. I was woken up by the garbage truck at 9am this morning and realised I’d forgotten to put the bins out. So I did. Then I went back to bed until midday.

I started back at work on Monday. This is A Good Thing. I’ve become waaay too reclusive over the break.

I think my ‘new’ housemate – he still seems new even though he’s been here three months, partly coz he went away for a month quite soon after moving in, and partly coz time has been frozen on Planet T lately – has decided I’m a freak.

He actually said this, more or less, late one drunken night in January. “It’s funny the things you discover about people once you get to know them a bit better. Like you: before I started living with you, I totally thought you were normal.”

I LOL’d. I was, actually, much more normal before he moved in. Or at least playing normal much more convincingly.

So it goes. I hope he doesn’t feel conned.

We still seem to be getting along fine, even though he’s decided I’m not normal.

What else? I got a new camera a few days ago, finally. It’s a DSLR; sexy but overwhelming. I’m kind of scared of it. I haven’t actually charged the battery and set it up yet.

But I will.

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Chez Hagakure Red Wine & Homebrew Quiet Night In

With Luke.



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Stuff I Did This Year

(Previously & previouslier.)

I missed most of 2007.

It started excellently, and ended okay. Adventures were had, things were discovered; it was not a total dead loss. But overall it will not be remembered as a banner year on Planet Teigan.

This year, amongst assorted other things (see archives), I:

  • Misguidedly started a BA at Melbourne Uni for the second time, and then dropped out after a month for the second time.
  • Got kinda down.
  • Just about survived winter without going totally insane or throwing myself under a train.
  • Gradually got better.
  • Got totally ditched, in my absence, by the artist formerly known as Lady J after an extremely Significant & Intense 18-month relationship.
  • Spent approximately 680 hours conducting telephone-based social research for money. (The weirdness, the horror, the tedium etc). (Also: The doodling.)
  • Somewhat overambitiously applied & was interviewed for a BFA at one of the premier art schools in the country, despite having basically no traditional visual art-type skills or talent at all. Was not accepted.
  • Spent what probably cumulatively amounts to several months on Facebook.
  • Drank quite a lot.
  • Various other things which are none of your damn business. Who the hell are you, anyway? Who are you really? etc

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Maybe Some Doodles

That I drew at work.

Ivan doodle

I like to doodle whilst I work.

Dean doodle

I got in trouble the other day for doodling when I should have been conducting legitimate social research.

John doodle

My supervisor had to remind me that I get paid $20 an hour to call random phone numbers and then talk their owners into answering ridiculous questionnaires – not to doodle.

Little man doodle

I’d completely forgotten, so engrossed was I by my doodle.

Greg Turner Peter Boot doodle

Doodle 2


Feathered doodle


Swirly doodle


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Stuff I Did This Year


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Stuff I Did This Week

Kitchen    Dining room    Hallway    Laundry    Bathroom

– Exhaustively cleaned the kitchen, the dining room, the hallway, the laundry, and the bathroom.

Position description

– Made sixteen phonecalls, took seven phonecalls, attended interviews with three people, and lodged one detailed & tedious application form in pursuit of new revenue streams. Ate dodgy Japanese food on Chapel Street; gawped at people hanging on Chapel Street.

Bentendo's new place (ext)

– Visited Bentendo at his new place.

Bentendo's invisible view

He has a very nice view of the city, which I was unable to photograph for security reasons

Prepaid SIM card

– Reincarnated my old mobile – which I thought I’d lost, eventually replaced, and later found – as a second phone, via the purchase of a $25 prepaid SIM card.

Updating contacts

– Updated my address book and phone contacts.

Bathroom tile situation

– Succesfully enticed a professional tiler into assessing dire bathroom tile issue situation, pictured. (They refused to replace the tiles, arguing that the only meaningful solution was to retile the whole bathroom.)

Harira blogpost

– Made an elaborate pictoral blog post about cooking harira.

Region unlockage

– Inspired by trawling my own blog archives, figured out how to region-unlock my DVD player.

Birthday card

– Made a disastrous birthday card.

Stuff for the cat

– Stupidly trammed it all the way out to the RSPCA in Burwood East to buy a kitten, only to discover that – it not quite being kitten season yet, see – they didn’t have any. (Note to self: next time ring ahead.)

Jo & Xade

– Got shitfaced at The Mint and elsewhere again with Jo, Xade, Rorschach, Jaye deKoan and sundry others. An unshaven Tript was vaguely encountered somewhere in the vicinity of the Victoria Markets at around 1am. About two people at least one of whom I did not previously know ended up on my foldout couch watching Reservoir Dogs.


– Recorded a cover of Always On My Mind with my associate Mishuki One for H419.

Photos of stuff I did this week, on Flickr

– Made an elaborate pictoral blog post about things I did this week.

– Watched entire series of John Safran vs God (purchased secondhand last Sunday for $5).

– Went to the gym five times.

– Wrote 36 emails to 15 people.

– Et cetera.


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I Just Successfully Applied For An ABN

You can do the whole thing online.

Takes about ten minutes.

So, if anyone would like to pay me for my services, rest assured that I can now issue you with a tax invoice quoting my ABN, in accordance with applicable laws.

Once my new business has made $540, maybe I’ll register a company.

Apparently that takes about twenty minutes. (And $540.)


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I Don’t Want To Work In A Streetcorner Newsbooth, Apparently

So, as planned, I conducted some research this week into the question of how one gets a job in a streetcorner newsbooth.

This research took the form of patronising several of said newsbooths scattered around the Melbourne CBD, as a pretext for asking the people working in them how one comes to find oneself in their enviable shoes.

But not a single one of them would tell me – on the grounds that I was better off not knowing.

Quoth the guy in the booth on the corner of Queen & Bourke Streets: “It’s shit, mate. You have to get up at 5am every morning.. stand in here all day.. It’s – trust me, you do not wanna work in one of these.”

They all said basically the same thing.

Inevitably, part of me suspects some kind of conspiracy.

But a larger part was basically convinced.


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Ambitions, Revisited

Last July I posted a list of ambitions.

Time for a review.

  1. To work in a streetcorner newsbooth.
  2. Partly a joke – but I’d still quite like to do this. I suspect they’re basically owner-operator kind of deals, though. Gonna look into it this week.

  3. To become a cult leader by rising to the front ranks of Neurocam and then either taking it over, or creating a sizeable splinter group.
  4. Done. I became the head of Neurocam last August (and was subsequently deposed in November). Being a cult leader was fucking cool, if extremely intense and an insane amount of work. I want to be one again some day, in some form. It suited me nicely.

  5. To write a throwaway novel (“which I am doing in November“).
  6. As things turned out, I was too busy fulfilling ambition no 2 to do this last November. So I’ll do it this November.

  7. To make an album, provisionally entitled ‘Everyone’s Too Stupid (“which I will do next year when I have more time”).
  8. A change in outlook has seen this one deprioritised – although I might still release a compilation of Mishuki One‘s recordings for Hagakure 419 under said title, if a sufficient number of them accumulate.

  9. To study for and obtain a degree in Creative Arts from Melbourne’s premier university (“guaranteeing me a colourful and lucrative subsequent career as a Creative Artist”).
  10. I intend to begin persuing this one next year. Unless my career takes off stratospherically between now and then, of course.

  11. To finish reading “The Magus” by John Fowles, and then to ritually burn it.
  12. Done.

  13. To have fun and not care about people.
  14. To be beautiful.
  15. To be loved.
  16. Realisation of these three remain works in progress, although great strides have been made (admittedly, in some cases, made then lost) on all fronts.

Material things I wanted:
  • An umbrella.
  • Acquired.

  • A preamping device for my microphone.
  • Latterly I’ve been using my soon-to-be ex-housemate’s guitar pedals for this purpose. But they’ve stopped working – I think because the audio-in jack on my eMac is fucked. (Along with several of the USB ports.) But – see above – evolved approaches have rendered this less important than it used to be.

  • A Bigpond Movies membership.
  • With a Blockbuster just down the road, this has become less desirable. Although I would like to join ACMI, whose lending collection goes places theirs, frankly, doesn’t.

  • A region-free DVD player.
  • Acquired. (It isn’t really region free. But it’s okay.)

  • A better camera.
  • Acquired.

  • Peter Greenaway DVDs.
  • Some still pending, some acquired. In one case acquired (see previous link), then rendered unplayable due to careless handling.

  • See also: Amazon wishlist.
  • Note: the DVDs on this list are for reference only – although I know you’d love to buy them for me, I’m better off with locally-purchased Region 4s (see above).

Updated want list:
  • More driving lessons.
  • I started learning to drive in March last year, but stopped in September, due to being too busy & stressed. I’m no longer too busy/stressed, but I am too poor. Shall recommence when it becomes viable.

  • A cat.
  • Once my domestic arrangement stabilizes somewhat – and again, given sufficiently consistent income.

  • New trainers.
  • Soles of my current trainers:
    Worn out trainer soles

  • iPod Mini repair.
  • I bought a little 512mb Shuffle after my 4GB Mini broke for the second time late last year. At around $150 this was a substantially cheaper option than getting the Mini fixed. At this rate I will be able to get a Nano for less than the cost of getting the Mini fixed. In any case, I miss my Mini.
We’ll see what happens.


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I’ve finally compiled my “Stuff I Did Last Year” post, which had become the object of increasingly dire procrastinatory enmirement over these past two weeks. It involved conducting a larger review of the year which I’d been dreading.

That was stupid of me. (Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.)

It may seem like I’ve been neglecting this blog – but the truth is I’ve been going half-demented thinking about what to do with it.


The only fly in my ointment today, however, is that I’ve accidentally deleted the audio file – which I really, really wanted to post – of a conversation conducted between myself and my neighbour on Thursday night.

We were discussing the most efficient way of killing everyone in our building. In the end we decided to get two pistols with a silencers and then just knock on each person’s door one by one. I would do upstairs, he would do downstairs. Simple, effective, no muss, no fuss.

The talks broke down, however, when it became apparent that my neighbour thought we should give ourselves up once the job was complete.

That seemed ridiculous to me. What kind of milksop goes on a merciless killing spree and then surrenders? “Gee, sorry about that. Here, let me spend the rest of my life in jail”? Fuck that.

I’m going to Sydney tonight, for the birthday of an old friend and to hang with baby sis, who is going backpacking overseas next month for a long time. I shall return on Tuesday evening. There will be pictures.

But then, once I get home, I’ll be working like a trojan through to Sunday. So don’t be anticipating too much action round these parts over the next week or so.

There are going to be changes. Good changes. Still not sure exactly what form they’ll take yet. But they’ll be good.

Finally, word up as always to all the good people I’ve been woefully neglecting in various ways of late (specifically: Agent Blabber, Alexis, Clover, Desci, Hits, Li, Nada, Reanimator, Simon Blackmoore and the mysterious, oracular Mr Simon Moon.. although somehow I feel sure that he, at least, is not offended).

Please be assured of my regard and that communques are pending as applicable.


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Black Thumbnail

One of the ridiculous jobs I am currently forced to do for economic reasons by a harsh, uncaring and insane world involves a lot of attention being paid to my hands.

In order to deflect attention away from my retarded right thumbnail, I painted my left thumbnail black.

Black left thumbnail

It seems to be working, but I don’t know if it was a particularly productive strategy.


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