Salutations de Genève

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Fuck off big bank

Chocolate tower (this was just the beginning)

Nivea Douche



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5 Responses to Salutations de Genève

  1. Happy Christmas to you and your Genève ducks and douche accessories.

  2. teigan

    merci; et pour toi monsieur tenex

  3. Merry Christmas, Teiggy! Those are man eating ducks! (Don’t let them eat you)

  4. teigan

    Thanks for the tip, toots. Merry Christmas!
    They’re actually geese, and they’re almost big enough to eat someone. I wish I’d been able to get a shot of them with some people – ideally eating some people, but failing that just with some people – so you could see how big they are.

  5. Mmmm….people-fed geese.
    Merry Christmas!

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