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RIP Beard

Partly inspired by high-calibre acquaintances including Atkins, Danny Smith and Justin, and partly because G told me to (although she changed her mind once I actually did it), I have been growing a beard.


I’ve never done this before. I hadn’t shaved since new year. I quite liked the idea of not cutting any of my hair all year. But I think it looks shit, so I just shaved it off.

No beard

I saved the hair. I will give or send some of it to anyone who comments on this post. (I have been getting zero comments lately. Lift your game, people.)


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Dinner Party III

Friday 12th February.

Starring Henley & Adele; 2003 & Danny (sans promised cheese platter, but I just can’t stay mad at the guy); Lady GrimGrim & Jacqui; the fantastic Mr Kav; the ex-operative formerly known as Li Han, Blog Boy From Space (who hopefully won’t object to me linking him old-school like that – because although Exaggerating Rumours is now four years old and obviously he’s grown as a person since then etc blah blah, it’s still genius which deserves wider exposure) – and of course Toots, who opted to turn up after everyone except Kav had gone home, because that is the way she motherfucking rolls.

Predinner, DP III

Fair to say, went OFF.

Adele & Rob, DP III

No obligatory formula picture of everyone in the back garden, because for whatever reason (quite possibly because it’s the way they motherfucking roll), the guests all opted to stay inside this time – a trend that, with the encroachment of winter, we were going to have to adapt to sooner or later anyway. But there’s these ones.

Dinner, DP III

In contrast to last time, when I accidentally deleted the audio directly after recording it, we successfully captured over sixty minutes of vox, much of it gold. Unfortunately that means I’m having a really hard time choosing clips. Maybe I’ll put some up retrospectively & link back to it in a later post. We’ll see.

Grimsey & Sorcha, DP III

In other news: if you happen to be in the region of the Abbotsford Convent at any point over the next week, I strongly advocate checking out the Prismatic Audit currently being undertaken there by Torie Nimmervoll & intended DP III invitee and amazing genius Jason Maling (who couldn’t come, because he was too busy getting ready for the Prismatic Audit. That’s okay, we’ll get him next time).

I did today; it was great. I came home exhausted and collapsed at 6:30pm into some of the weirdest and most awesome dreams I’ve had in months. Now it’s 2:30am and I’m blearly eating a pizza at Bimbo. But that’s beside the point.

Dinosaur egg, DP III

Where was I? Oh yeah; I’m starting school on Monday, which will be well weird. But before that I’m off to a quasi-hippy festival in a field near Schnozzie‘s hometown.

There will most likely be bloggage about both of these things. Until then: stay in the groove. Or, y’know, don’t. It’s Entirely Up To You ™! See if I care, blog readers. SEE IF I GIVE A FUCK.

Toots & Kav, DP III


(Previously; previouslyer.)

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Surprised recognition

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Thailand (Three)

Bangkok, 2nd February.

Chinatown, Bankok

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Thailand (Two)

Ko Lanta, 28th January.

Khlong Khlong Beach, Ko Lanta

G on Khlong Khlong Beach, Ko Lanta

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Thailand (One)

Chiang Mai, 26th January.

Chiang Mai cocktails

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I’m Back

Thai Departure Card

More pending in due course.


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