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Anarchist Bookfair @ Abbotsford Convent

Saxton: Digging it

This was followed by brief beers down the road with Moo & Thea; trammage back to mine with Thea, and thence into town; a MIFF screening of Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present with Bousy & her friend Luke at ACMI; drinks with Bous, Luke, Kellie & Nathan in Fed Square after that, and then Adam’s Birthday, which inevitably kicked on until about midday the next day. After that I slept for 16 hours.

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“WTF Is Neurocam?” Cast & Crew Screening

Sunday, 13th November.

WTF Is Neurocam?


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Neurocam: The Movie

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“They Are Steel-Capped Boots; Welcome To Broadmeadows”

Saturday 5th June.

An exhausted Sims reclines in accidental soft focus

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Surprise SRC Gathering

Wednesday 12th May.

Budini & co @ Prudence

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Random Encounter With AG

Thursday 4th March.

Team Toots @ TDP

AG + vodka & cranberry @ TDP

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Entertaining Budini

Tuesday 2nd March.

With Budini at the Rochy


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Wither Reality Blogging

Post-movie beers at Old Bar with MG & Coburg

Feed my narcissism, you cunts.


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I Went To The Movies Last Night

I saw a late show of The Darjeeling Limited at the Nova. It was really, really good. Prior to that I literally hadn’t been to a movie since my barely-remembered trip to Sydney last July, which is just crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Sitting texting happily away waiting for the trailers to start, I remembered seeing Wes Anderson’s last effort The Life Aquatic in the exact same cinema in 2005. It was all very funny and illusion-of-time and etc.

Movies are good. Note to self: see more movies.


Trouble is: much as I fucking love going to the cinema, it’s quite expensive – and I find it hard to sit down and stay still for long enough to watch a whole movie at home. It feels lazy and timewastey. “What am I doing, just sitting here?” I think to myself. “I could be wandering around in the garden smoking cigarettes and thinking about things, or taking over the world, or updating my Facebook status, or, or, or.. [is overwhelmed by infinite possibilities; goes blank].”

It’s partly something I picked up from living with Bendendo and then Wouters, both of whom would sit around for hours watching TV randomly for no particular reason almost every day, in a way that made me want to slap them.

Largely as a result of this, I basically no longer watch TV at all in any form, ever. My TV’s been effectively broken for the last two months. It hasn’t been problematic.

But maybe I’ll just have to get it fixed, and learn. I could doodle whilst I watch.

Hmm. Hmm!


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What I Got For Christmas

Yemeni coffee, British cigarettes and Cuban white rum
Coffee, Ciggas & Rum

Jellybeans & chocolate
Jellybeans & chocolate

Facial care products
Facial care products


A scarf
Sonic screwdriver not shown

A yoyo

A flipbook

Amongst other things.


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Man, I Just, Like, Voted

I wasn’t planning to originally, but Semi talked me into it on the grounds that the Greens will likely take some seats away from serious politicians, which is always a good cause. I hope he is having fun at Earthcore. I imagine that he is.

I just voted for the Greens whilst tripping on leftover cactus, partly in his honor. I’m sure Bob Brown (with whom I once shared a taxi, whilst dressed as a giant koala – i’m sure it wasn’t just a dream) would not disapprove. I tried to imagine what John Howard would feel. I tried to imagine him feeling pain in some way. How I tried. But all I could see was him going “stupid hippies; ah well, *shrugs*, they will all self-destruct soon enough anyway”, and not understanding at all. Which kind of pissed me off, but did at least make me feel like, in some obscure way, I had not done entirely the wrong thing.

Now I am trying to decide whether to watch The Dark Crystal again. I fell asleep before the end last time.

~ has suggested to me that the girl Gelfling ultimately dies; but I feel sure that this cannot be the whole truth. Henson and Oz would not do that to me. They would not dare.

I will watch their silly movie, in any case. They can bring it. Doesn’t matter if the chick dies; the whole healed-crystal thing redundifies such petty concerns.

Yes, it does.


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Life Is Good

nb clever peripheral utilization may or may not reveal secret hidden messages

Have a good look at yourself.! courtesy of Souvlaki King. No charge - real decent of them

Best steak sanger in Melbourne to boot, reckons Els; good to be seeing her back again

Faux-Red Bull Coke Zero I felt strangely compelled to buy

Steve Cronin sent this to me; he's basically good, I like him

In retrospect, some obscure shoutout significance may be read into the uncharacteristic choice of variety, but sometimes a pizza is just a pizza. Everybody basically understands pizza

Life is good.


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What I Got For My Birthday

A can of whoop-ass Hagakure style yo Easy Surface Prep

Easy Surface Prep

A Discombobulator of my very own


Two bottles of apparently non-lethal Red Bull concentrate

Red Bull concentrate bottles

Two bottles of Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc

Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc bottles

Two delicious, beautifully wrapped and generally special cupcakes (not shown)

What remains of the cupcakes

Colourful and appealing multimedia art products

Multimedia art

A hefty biography of John Fowles, bafflingly enough

A Life In Two Worlds

A black 30 gigabyte iPod, which was nice

iPod & Billie

A Brave New World mug

Brave New World mug

Cards & chocolate

Cards Chocolate

Amongst other things.

Thanks everyone. It was great!


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Mysterious Postal Benevolence

This arrived yesterday from a mail-order DVD retailer in South Australia, with no message save for a ‘Happy Birthday’ appended to my name on the address label:

Mysterious Gummo DVD

Apart from a few relatives who’d be very, very unlikely to anonymously send me Harmony Korine movies, I don’t really know anyone in South Australia.

Anyway – whoever you are (if you’re reading), thank you so much! As a present, no other widely-available DVD could please me more.



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Stuff I Did This Week

Kitchen    Dining room    Hallway    Laundry    Bathroom

– Exhaustively cleaned the kitchen, the dining room, the hallway, the laundry, and the bathroom.

Position description

– Made sixteen phonecalls, took seven phonecalls, attended interviews with three people, and lodged one detailed & tedious application form in pursuit of new revenue streams. Ate dodgy Japanese food on Chapel Street; gawped at people hanging on Chapel Street.

Bentendo's new place (ext)

– Visited Bentendo at his new place.

Bentendo's invisible view

He has a very nice view of the city, which I was unable to photograph for security reasons

Prepaid SIM card

– Reincarnated my old mobile – which I thought I’d lost, eventually replaced, and later found – as a second phone, via the purchase of a $25 prepaid SIM card.

Updating contacts

– Updated my address book and phone contacts.

Bathroom tile situation

– Succesfully enticed a professional tiler into assessing dire bathroom tile issue situation, pictured. (They refused to replace the tiles, arguing that the only meaningful solution was to retile the whole bathroom.)

Harira blogpost

– Made an elaborate pictoral blog post about cooking harira.

Region unlockage

– Inspired by trawling my own blog archives, figured out how to region-unlock my DVD player.

Birthday card

– Made a disastrous birthday card.

Stuff for the cat

– Stupidly trammed it all the way out to the RSPCA in Burwood East to buy a kitten, only to discover that – it not quite being kitten season yet, see – they didn’t have any. (Note to self: next time ring ahead.)

Jo & Xade

– Got shitfaced at The Mint and elsewhere again with Jo, Xade, Rorschach, Jaye deKoan and sundry others. An unshaven Tript was vaguely encountered somewhere in the vicinity of the Victoria Markets at around 1am. About two people at least one of whom I did not previously know ended up on my foldout couch watching Reservoir Dogs.


– Recorded a cover of Always On My Mind with my associate Mishuki One for H419.

Photos of stuff I did this week, on Flickr

– Made an elaborate pictoral blog post about things I did this week.

– Watched entire series of John Safran vs God (purchased secondhand last Sunday for $5).

– Went to the gym five times.

– Wrote 36 emails to 15 people.

– Et cetera.


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