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Pyro’s Doof Under Hoddle Bridge

Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November.

Pyro's Doof Under Hoddle Bridge

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Overnight Occupy Tuesday #1

Overnight Occupy Tuesday #1

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Three Day Occupation

Monday 7th – Thursday 10th May.

It was all Kat’s idea.

And it was great.

Day 1:

3-Day Occ, Day 1: Revolution

3-Day Occ, Day 1: Integrity

3-Day Occ, Day 1: Evening

Day 2:

3-Day Occ, Day 2: Shelves

3-Day Occ, Day 2 (1)

3-Day Occ, Day 2 (2)

Day 3:

3-Day Occ, Day 3: Sign

3-Day Occ, Day 3: Occy

Morning after night 3:

3 Day Occ: Morning After

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Carina Burns The American Flag

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