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Belated Birthday Present From Carina

As promised.




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Birthday Party

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September.

It was more chaotic than usual – and, for me, marred by some sadness due to the absence of Certain Individuals (but what else is new I guess, lol/sigh).

In any case and all the same, the required standard was met. Which is to say: went off.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Birthday uke

Pasteup of assorted party-relevant FB posts (heh); FB photo album.

(Previously; previously; previously; previously.)

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Long Overdue Handmade Thing For Gerard Swindle

FB Photo album / photo archive.

Handmade Thing For Swindle

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Hand-made Thing From Luke Hand


Handmade thing from Luke Hand (graph)

Click for larger.

Handmade thing from Luke Hand (rules)

He blogged about it, also.

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Handmade Thing From Nada

Soybean painting (corner)

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Handmade Thing For Twyllan

Handmade Thing For Twyllan 5

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Handmade Thing For Carfax

Posted about a month ago; apparently received. (Previously.)

Handmade thing for Carfax (detail)

In other news: Visual Diary blog. Heavily updated Art I Like blog.

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Handmade Thing For Nada

Received today, apparently.

Handmade Thing For Nada

She was a bit freaked out by the “pacifier” I put in the baccy pouch (amongst other things). I’d forgotten about that.

I collect them; I’ve got loads. I’ll send YOU one if you’d like.

(This may or may not be a test to see if any cunt is actually still reading.)


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Some Pictures

Here’s a picture of a stuffed toy chicken I found abandoned at the foot of a lamppost on Chapel St at lunchtime on Monday on my way to C$#trelink to finalize my Austudy claim.

Street Art on Chapel St (Chicken)

We’d been assigned by Raz the painting teacher to find various things on in the region of the campus; in my case the best reasonably-priced coffee and my favourite piece of street art.

By conventional standards an abandoned stuffed toy chicken isn’t really street art. But it was the best piece of street art I saw by my estimation.

Here’s a picture of the DVD accompanying Carfax’s handmade thing, which I made on Monday 21st and finalised on Sunday night:

Carfax DVD

I can’t post pictures of the actual handmade thing – or Nada’s – because they haven’t been received yet. Maybe I will after they have been. Maybe not. Etc.

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So I Went To A Party Last Night

At my friend Dan Cross‘s house.

We’ve known and lived around the corner from each other for about three years, but it’s only this year that we’ve started hanging out regularly for whatever reason. It’s been good.

I’ve been living la vida recluse of late and ergo felt severely awkward and freakish initially. But the night came extremely good in the end and did excellent things for my faith in people and awesomeness, etc.

Here’s a photo I took at around 1:30am, the point at which I started to feel the full force of the awesome and was compelled to document it:

Party at Chez Cross

It was also at around this time that former operative Deadsoybean sent me some audio, which means that – as per a bargain we struck on January 30th – I can now send her the handmade thing she is owed under the terms of a F$&book status meme I posted a month or so ago.

(The preceding post was a picture of the first handmade thing, which was for Master Luke Hand. The next one will go to Jonathan Carfax. The one after that to the legendary Twyllan Mynodal, and the last to the artist formerly known as MC Gezus.)

Here’s some audio I recorded for Carfax (starring the aforementioned Dan Cross) on the night of January 23rd, when I made Soybean’s thing:

I like this audio a lot. I’ve listened to it over and over in late night goon stupours and it’s made me happy. I don’t know why. (If anyone wants me to bleep out their name, they can freakin complain.)

What else? I’m in a quandry about whether to go back to school in March or defer again. I kind of liked the idea of graduating in December 2012, just in time for the Mayan apocalypse/whatever. But when the world ends/whatever it won’t really matter whether I have a whole diploma of visual art or just half of one. And that I’m so not sure suggests to me that I should save it for when I’m feeling less not-sure.

I could do it part time but that seems half-assed, and I don’t really do half-assed.


So hungover rn omg. I’m going back to bed.

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Handmade thing for Luke Hand

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