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Three Day Occupation

Monday 7th – Thursday 10th May.

It was all Kat’s idea.

And it was great.

Day 1:

3-Day Occ, Day 1: Revolution

3-Day Occ, Day 1: Integrity

3-Day Occ, Day 1: Evening

Day 2:

3-Day Occ, Day 2: Shelves

3-Day Occ, Day 2 (1)

3-Day Occ, Day 2 (2)

Day 3:

3-Day Occ, Day 3: Sign

3-Day Occ, Day 3: Occy

Morning after night 3:

3 Day Occ: Morning After

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Interview With The Corporate Zombies


Zombies At Flinders

(FB photo album / photo archive.)

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Post-Eviction General Assembly @ Trades Hall

Saturday, 22nd October.


Post-Eviction General Assembly, Trades Hall, Sat 22 Oct 2011

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Second Day Of Spring


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Dinner Party IV

Saturday 10th April.

Starring Brendan, Duncan, Harrie, Luke, The Major, and Grimsey.

What goes on DPIV stays on DPIV etc

(11:11pm; 14min 12sec)

Like DP II, a relatively low-key occasion compared to DP I and DP III. (I don’t know why, although I have many theories.)

DPIV group

(11:56pm; 4min 35sec)

All the same: went OFF.

DPIV candle

(1:22am; 1min 22sec)



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Thailand (Three)

Bangkok, 2nd February.

Chinatown, Bankok

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New York (Four)

With D.

D eating horrible Japanese in Times Square

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New York (Two)

With DF & Kev.

At Whole Foods w/ Freakley & Kev

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With Em, Matt & Maddy.




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LFN. :P!!



(ION: \m/ (>.<) \m/)

TIA. (No, not that TIA.) (Necessarily.)


(This post is dedicated to Mr R. Henley, who doesn’t approve of this kind of thing. Appaz.)


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Liv & Gab Done Got Blogs

Go read them. I got nothin’. Except an interminably unclearable email backlog. (Plus ca change etc.)

And, I guess, the news that after two years of global trekkage, an older, worldly-wiser Toots aka babysis is coming home today! To my home (ie Melbourne)!

Can you say “I’m fucking excited”? Coz I surely can.


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People Are Always Saying To Me

“Teigs,” they say, “your joining Are You Hungry is an extraordinary achievement. You must feel very satisfied that all your hard years of struggle have finally paid off.” And I look at them like they are crazy.

Taking their cue from this, they then invariably continue: “But yeah, you know, I guess you’re right; somehow the whole thing does seem kind of shallow, empty and meaningless.. without desktop wallpaper.”

So I made some.

That shut them up.

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My Audacity Has Paid Off

I am delighted to announce that on the strength of my genius, I have been invited by the legendary Nada Awad to displace her sister as the second full-time member of Are You Hungry.

I would also like to announce that we will be embarking on a major European tour next month on the back of our award-winning and critically acclaimed quintuple platinum forthcoming album “Chicken Has Gonorrhea”.

It’s true! I really would like to announce that.


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