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Weird Afternoon

In a good way.

Thursday grass

It’s getting easier.

Although I’m at a bit of a loss, blogwise. Any requests?

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Happy Sixth Birthday, Blog

A year ago (good blog birthday)! Two years ago (shit blog birthday)! Three years ago (good blog birthday)! Four years ago (discombobulated blog birthday)! Five years ago (discombobulated blog birthday)! Six years ago.

Time, eh.

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Plate imprint

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Handmade Thing For Nada

Received today, apparently.

Handmade Thing For Nada

She was a bit freaked out by the “pacifier” I put in the baccy pouch (amongst other things). I’d forgotten about that.

I collect them; I’ve got loads. I’ll send YOU one if you’d like.

(This may or may not be a test to see if any cunt is actually still reading.)


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End Of Week One

More pictures, but I can’t be fucked choosing a particular one to post; they’re on flickr.

Here’s a status update I made about what I did after working a 7-hour shift on Saturday:

Here’s some audio which reflects my mental state this afternoon:

It’ll get easier.

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Some Pictures

Here’s a picture of a stuffed toy chicken I found abandoned at the foot of a lamppost on Chapel St at lunchtime on Monday on my way to C$#trelink to finalize my Austudy claim.

Street Art on Chapel St (Chicken)

We’d been assigned by Raz the painting teacher to find various things on in the region of the campus; in my case the best reasonably-priced coffee and my favourite piece of street art.

By conventional standards an abandoned stuffed toy chicken isn’t really street art. But it was the best piece of street art I saw by my estimation.

Here’s a picture of the DVD accompanying Carfax’s handmade thing, which I made on Monday 21st and finalised on Sunday night:

Carfax DVD

I can’t post pictures of the actual handmade thing – or Nada’s – because they haven’t been received yet. Maybe I will after they have been. Maybe not. Etc.

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I Decided To Go Back To School

On a see-how-it-goes basis. First day yesterday; went okay. (Previously.)

I have to keep a visual diary, course. Which has kind of been freaking me out. Although that’s stupid, coz what is this blog right here except a multimedia visual diary, kinda?

I’ve just retroactively added text to this post from a few weeks ago, which I initially discarded in favour of just using the photo, since I tend to write overshary, self-obsessy crap on the blog when I’m down that just embarrasses me later and isn’t helpful in the immediate, neither.

But we have to Document Shit. It’s the only solution.

Blogging’s good.

“I heart my blog. It’s surprised and delighted me in all kinds of ways and continues to do so. It has a degree of inherent continuity and structures naturally emerge, but it’s basically unhindered by any context restrictions except those inherent in the medium, which can incorporate text, images, audio, video, etc etc etc.

It helps me see life as stories, and as an ongoing story. And it provides a means of turning the things I experience and think about into multimedia artefacts that other people can consume and respond to, with a very fast turnaround time. It’s simple, but it works.

More profoundly, it enables me to observe and actively direct themes & patterns in my own preoccupations, and it’s taught me a lot about shaping one’s own experience using symbols & narratives – about the intersection between creativity and life; between what you focus on and what ‘happens’ – about tapping into your own unconscious processes.”

– portfolio statement, late 2007 (adapted from email to Em).

La bla blah. It’s true though.

That said, I think I’ll mostly just post pictures for a while. Or maybe not.

We’ll see what happens.

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