Happy Third Birthday, Blog

Here’s to certainly at least one more year of.. whatever the hell kind of fuckery this is.


(A year ago. Two years ago. Three years ago.)


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5 Responses to Happy Third Birthday, Blog

  1. Gab

    happy birthday bloggedy blog!
    (You still haven’t read mine. She’s feeling mighty inferior to Liv’s)

  2. teigan

    And I know. If it’s any consolation I feel quite bad about it – and it is the one non-negotiable item on my to-do list today (apart from watching The Goonies etc).
    There’s just quite a lot there, you know.

  3. Gab

    Yes, there is. But you can skip the ridiculously long MSN conversation I put up there. Tis nonsense.

  4. Luke

    Merry birthday blog.

  5. Liv

    I am baking a cake as I type*.
    Happy Sweetarse Beeday, Blog.
    *This may be a lie.

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