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On the train with TAFKALJ

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It’s A Bloggy Soap Opera; Deal With It


[Teh Gabster]
Today at 9:10am

Your status update sound news-full.


Today at 9:25am

So I post on her wall, right, saying thanks for a delightful afternoon (which it undoubtedly was, methinks, for all concerned) and reminding her to text me her new mobile no – which she was totally going to give me in person, but we just forgot about it.

That afternoon I get a text: “Don’t know if this will go thru, but if it does plz 2 no drunken late night texts, tay? :)”

(A few months ago, before she hacked my ass, but was very actively in the process of grinding the pieces of my shattered heart into the ground and treating me – with little or no sane justification – like the spawn of satan, there was a certain amount of angsty late-night drunken text messagery action on my part.)

Taking this in my stride, I replied: “OMG, the cheek!! I can make no promises. But tell you what – I will let you into my house, where my computer lives, without any fear of disastrous consequences and my mother being called a whore to boot, tay?! 😛 !! (<3)"

This was met with silence. I don’t think she realised her message was a joke.

Crazy woman.

I still like her, though.


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Random Brunswick Street Encounters, Part Deux & Other Assorted


This afternoon a waifish aboriginal chick came up and asked me if I had any change. I said no, which was a lie but generally my policy in such situations.

She noticed I was wielding an unlit cigarette, and asked if I needed a light. Again, I said no (thanks). Which, conversely, I thought was true.

“You have a good day,” she said nicely, and continued on her way.

I fished into my pocket for the lighter I thought I had, and realised I didn’t actually have it.

So I chased after her and told her that I did, as it turned out, need a light after all.

“You looked like you didn’t have one,” she said with a quiet smile.

I gave her a dollar, and went to hand the lighter back.

“Nah, that’s okay,” she said. “I’ve got about six of them.”

Maybe you had to be there.

My only regret concerning this encounter, which totally rebrightened my day –

(Said day having turned, from promising beginnings, to shitty slit-yer-wrists shit when it became apparent that I’d probably irretrievably lost my bag, containing my camera and my visual diary, in a taxi yesterday.

Which would have been really bad, and totally fucking sucked.

Turns out I’d left it at work the doodle palace. Phew.

But I digress.)

– was that I didn’t ask her if she could assist me in my ongoing quest for time machine fuel.

(Note to blog readers: TIME MACHINE FUEL IS SOUGHT.)

In other news: please excuse the rambling, discombobulated nature of this post.

Two and a half hours sleep, see.

I had to be up at six this morning to receive some people who came to strip the asbestos from my bathroom.

(Now the bathroom looks like this:

Gutted bathroom


And I didn’t get to sleep until 3:30am, because some broad whose name I forget [*] was fucking hardcore with my head.

Although she denies doing it deliberately. And in any case, I’m really just fucking hardcore with my own head, and attributing said headfuckery to an external source.

Which is, ultimately, all that any of us are ever doing.

(It pays to remember this sometimes.)

I fully hardcore fall down go boom now.

[*] I think maybe her name is Audrey.

I remember, very early on in our acquaintance, suspecting that might be her name and addressing her as such.

“Who’s Audrey?” she replied, all blinking wide-eyed incomprehension. Although in fact she knew damn well exactly who Audrey was. And she knew damn well that I knew that she knew. And that I knew that she knew that I knew that she knew. And in general, things were Known. You know how it goes, hypothetical blog reader.

In hindsight I might have imagined the blinking wide eyes.

Anyroad, I was well smitten and from that point on there was no turning back.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother time, if ever there was one.


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Things We Don’t Understand And Are Definitely Not Going To Talk About etc


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Greetings From Rainy Manchester





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Here Are Some Screencaps Of Lady J

Here are the above images and two others conveniently rendered as 1280×960 desktop wallpaper.


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Man, I Just, Like, Voted

I wasn’t planning to originally, but Semi talked me into it on the grounds that the Greens will likely take some seats away from serious politicians, which is always a good cause. I hope he is having fun at Earthcore. I imagine that he is.

I just voted for the Greens whilst tripping on leftover cactus, partly in his honor. I’m sure Bob Brown (with whom I once shared a taxi, whilst dressed as a giant koala – i’m sure it wasn’t just a dream) would not disapprove. I tried to imagine what John Howard would feel. I tried to imagine him feeling pain in some way. How I tried. But all I could see was him going “stupid hippies; ah well, *shrugs*, they will all self-destruct soon enough anyway”, and not understanding at all. Which kind of pissed me off, but did at least make me feel like, in some obscure way, I had not done entirely the wrong thing.

Now I am trying to decide whether to watch The Dark Crystal again. I fell asleep before the end last time.

~ has suggested to me that the girl Gelfling ultimately dies; but I feel sure that this cannot be the whole truth. Henson and Oz would not do that to me. They would not dare.

I will watch their silly movie, in any case. They can bring it. Doesn’t matter if the chick dies; the whole healed-crystal thing redundifies such petty concerns.

Yes, it does.


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I Got Nothing

Desolee, blog.

The novel is progressing well enough though.

Admittedly at this stage it seems like hitting 50,000 words by the end of the month will take a miracle. But they happen occasionally.

What’s actually troubling me more, stupidly enough, is that I still have no idea what to call the damn thing.

In other news, party at Chez Hagakure on December 2nd. Tell your friends. And if you have no friends.. hey, come alone. Maybe you’ll meet some.

Here is yet another picture of LJ:

That is all.


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