Time Machine Fuel

The artist, gentleman & scholar formerly known as Semi/Dirty Kant/Rorschach gave me – perfectly – a time machine for my birthday.

Time machine (front)

I was touched. But I have not, as yet, been able to use it. Appropriate fuel is required, lest dire consequences etc:

Time machine (surface)

So, continuing a long and bizarrely successful TF tradition, I hereby formally call for time machine fuel; ideally an ongoing source thereof.

In case the preceding is too subtle

Successful respondents will be escalently awarded.


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2 Responses to Time Machine Fuel

  1. Marty McFly

    I would have been more of a gentleman if I had given you some fuel to power your time machine. As it is I am just a tease.

  2. 😛
    That’s ok, you’re still an artist and a scholar.
    I like you. I think you’re good. (This is a rare accolade; savour it.)

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