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Occupy Friday #13 (OM Fed Court Hearing, Day 6)

OccFri #13: Democracy In Progress

OccFri #13: Wrangling the white elephant

OccFri #13: Equality, Fraternity, Free Hugs

OccFri #13: Stillness speaks to your heart

OccFri #13: Tardis + deflating white elephant

OccFri #13: MX fight on the train to Heidelberg for Jase & Pyro's housewarming

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Spokescouncil #2 (OM Fed Court Hearing, Day 5)

Kade's amazing hair

Aren't you curious?



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First CH Party In Five Zany Months

Saturday, 24th March.

Went off.

Curiously but no doubt for the best, only one photo was taken.

I finally lost my DMT virginity! But I was too drunk to remember it. D’oh.


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Occupy Friday #12 (OM Fed Court Hearing, Day 3)

OccFri #12: OccMelb Guide

OccFri #12

OccFri #12: Discussion

OccFri #12: It's Justice Chalk

OccFri #12: Occupy your bike

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OM Fed Court Hearing, Day 1

ABC News article. Age article.

Post-Court Flowers

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Aftermath Of Occupy Monsanto Day / General Assembly #52

Saturday, 17th March.

Monsanto Day flier

Corrected City Square sign


Occupy The Food Supply

What's your fantasy?

You & you & you alone

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Occupy Chez Hagakure

Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th March.

A somewhat brutal Thursday at Chez Hag was unexpectedly redeemed by the sudden invasion at 7:15pm of a swarm of beloved Occutards who stayed for two nights wreaking havoc in preparation for Occupy Monsanto day on Saturday.

No blog post could possibly do justice to this shit. Neither can screencapped Facebook posts, but I’ll link some anyway.

Occ Chez Hag: Kitchen

Video shot around midnight on the Thursday:

Followup video shot around 2:15am:

Three other videos which could not not be included:


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Occupy Friday #11

OccFri #11: It was all a bit like this

OccFri #11: Liberty Or Death, apparently

OccFri #11: At least the rain cleared up eventually

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Amanda Palmer At The Northcote Social

Monday, 12th March.

Co-starring the artist formerly known as Desci.

Desci kissed my uke

Blogpost by Palmer re this gig.

Two videos I shot fannishly of Palmer & the GTO climactically covering Bela Lugosi’s Dead with David J of Bauhaus guesting on bass.


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Occupy The TPPA Cocktail Reception

FB Photo album / photo archive.

Black flag Kev

I <3 Secret Meetings


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TPPA Ch 7 News Hijack @ Fed Square

This all started when I received a call from Moo first thing in the morning advising that Channel 7 would be doing their evening news broadcast live from Federation Square, and suggesting that we quietly herd the cats for some snap TPPA-awareness-raising action.

Although in the end I personally missed the whole actual thing. Who knew it would turn out to be this epic? Wrong day to be taking a break. Oh well.

Amazing raw footage of Indi’s (1 gig). KenjiVision:

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Occupy McFarland St Treehouse (Part II)

Friday, 2nd March.


Party @ Sarah's 2nd March '12

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Occupy Friday #9

OccFri #9

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Occupy TPPA, Day 1

FB Photo album / photo archive.

TPPA zombie attack @ the Melbourne Convention Centre

Mock & Awe

TPPA Go Away

TPPA banner drop @ Fed Square

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