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Charlie Says

We have domain!

Do we have domain mapping? Well, no.

But who cares?


So happy right now. (And I’m not on even on drugs. For once.)

UPDATE – But I’m about to be. Braincells? Who needs ’em etc

Nitrous sucking apparatus


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There’s Something About Nitrous Oxide

The IGA down the road just started stocking those whipped cream soda bulbs with NO in them, and there’s something about it which really pulls everything into focus.

That glorious trembling-on-the-edge-of-the-abyss moment when you suddenly Understand. Y’know? You understand everything. And it’s so beautiful. And then you fall..



And then you wake up.

And there’s all these people swirling around.. my Mum.. baby sis (the original Toots).. everyone I’ve ever had sex with is in there. Mite & Firedrake are in there.. Lady J.. the accursed Mr Henley.

So many people, swirling around. Are any of them even real? Or am I just imagining them? Is there a difference? What a ridiculous question. But beautifully so.

But it isn’t the afterglow.. it’s the moment.. that moment when you see through infinite worlds and you swoon and bite your lip and it’s a beautiful gesture and it’s perfect and.. ahh.. the beautiful language-crucifying perfection of it all. And simultaneously there’s this ahh.. and you feel pain and taste blood and the ahh is actually nasty grinding ouch. And the beautiful flaw that makes the whole cosmic punchline so perfect is actually, you know, quite a serious problem (of course – how could it be otherwise?) and it’s gonna be a lot of work.. and back in the meatshow you’ve just gouged a great big chunk out of your lip and it hurts.

But you gotta laugh, incha.

Without the sour, baby etc


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Beltaine In “Not Wrong” Shock

Toots really is Chesh in drag.

Don’t tell anyone I told you; bitch’ll have my spinal fluid.

UPDATE – Community Service Announcement: This is Beltaine spoofing Toots, and not the real Toots.

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Soiled Keyboard

Soiled keyboard (front)

Grimsby has been hard at work. Early yesterday afternoon, at great personal inconvenience to me, I spilled an entire cup of coffee over my keyboard.

Soiled keyboard (back)

After that it mysteriously stopped working. I think we all know who’s responsible.

Onscreen keyboard

I got by for the rest of the day by typing with my mouse onto an onscreen software keyboard that I found by cutting & pasting the words “onscreen keyboard mac” – one letter at a time, natch – into Google.

Borrowed keyboard

This morning I was able to borrow an interim keyboard off somebody which will tide me over until I can afford a new one.

So what’s really happened here? My Schedule of Destruction has simply expanded to include my old keyboard, which was dirty and cruddy and needed to be eliminated anyway. I have lost nothing. Not even time – because (as regular readers will know) I don’t believe in it.

In your FACE, forces of darkness.


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Alexis & Avery

Alexis is back, again.

And the legendary Avery Cardoza was back for about five minutes but now appears to be gone.

Grimsby, shakes fist etc

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Time To Die, 2005



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neurocam is not a cursed trampoline

robert henley is not krusty the klown, sitting on his front porch with a shotgun


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Why Do I Always Have

The nagging sense that I’ll never really be complete unless I take a picture of every book I own and post them all along with an explanation of what each one means to me?

Does anyone else get this? Is there a name for it?


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It’s Night Time

Night 3

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Old Homage To Constance


From May; I never got around to posting these at the time.


I still get sad sometimes about what happened with Constance. It doesn’t seem to have bothered her too much though, so I suppose I shouldn’t.


She was really nasty to me. I can’t be having with that.

People, eh.


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Monday 7th of November

Was the first anniversary of my move to Melbourne. I only just realized. Time flies.

I should have celebrated. So much has happened. It has been a unique twelve months.

But I was too preoccupied with other things to even notice.


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My Tuesday In Pictures

by Operative Pulat
aged 29 and 2 months

4:24am: Get up.

4:24am (lights off) 4:24am (lights on)

5am – 5:30am: Predawn emailage.

Predawn emailage

5:30am – 6am: Tram it to work.

Predawn Fitzroy Street

Tram to work

Approaching work

6am-9am: Work.

At work

9am-12pm: Participate in anti-IR reforms protest, inadvertantly exposing Operative Li Han to emotionally threatening situation.

IR protest sign, explaining everything

Firefighter's union @ IR protest

12pm-12:30pm: Tram it back to my ‘hood.

Tram from work

12:30pm-1pm: Grocery shopping.

Supermarket interior

1:30pm-2pm: Arrive home.

Unlocking my door pt 1 Unlocking my door pt 2

2pm-3:15pm: Bloggage, pay perilously overdue electricity bill etc.

Billpayage etc

3:30pm-5pm: Beers at Espy with P.

Beer with P

(He’s lost his false front tooth. The effect is well scary.)

P's scary teeth

5pm-5:30pm: Haircut.

Barber Shop sign

Waiting at hairdressers

5:30pm-7pm: Home again, some emailage.

Afternoon emailage

7pm-7:30pm: Tram it back into town. Camera battery dies.

Evening tram step

8pm-9:30pm: Turns out to have been a wasted trip anyway. Come home.

9:30pm-10:30pm: Smoke bongs, curse enemies etc



11pm: Go to bed.



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Well That Was Quite Something

IR protest hordes in Federation Square

IR protest hordes en route

IR protest hordes in Carlton Gardens

When injustice becomes law


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From Tomorrow The Signs Are Going Up


Be afraid.

Do not be afraid. Be brave, for a glorious new era beckons. Vote Nada!


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This Is Important

I’d rant at greater length but pleasingly that would be fairly redundant.

Federation Square.

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