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The End.

This blog was born ten years ago today.

After seven years of very consistent upkeep, in which time it documented and shaped innumerable adventures and ups and downs, in early 2012 it began to fall dormant.

There were several factors at play in this, not least that I just had too much else going on at the time to keep it properly updated. But between one thing and another, it seemed to be dying.

Given its longevity and the significance of the the role it had played in my life, just leaving it to wither away from neglect seemed unacceptable though.

Accordingly I vowed to update it retrospectively at least up until the end of 2012, aka the long-anticipated supposed end of the world.

2012 wasn’t the end of the world as it turned out. (Who knew.) But it was huge, and quite apart from a commitment to the blog as a project, I felt like I needed to do this – to sort through and assimilate all of the media I’d generated that year and make it into posts – as a means of catharsis. Operation Kill The Blog / Get Over 2012.

It’s been very difficult, and taken an extremely long time. But having now at long, long last completed that epically and increasingly all-consumingly procrastinated task, I hereby declare TF to be Done.

*flops exhaustedly*

Vale Blog.

You’ve been hugely important to me throughout an extraordinary ten-year cycle, which now seems to be over.

I can’t even begin to find the words right now. And I’m not sure what comes next.

But I expect we’ll find out.



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Happy new b'ak'tun

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I Cannot Deny That This Whole Mayan Apocalypse Thing Is Really Messing With Me

I mean, I never seriously believed that the world would end on December 21st 2012 or anything.

But I now realise that, just quietly, for the last ten-odd years I have been pretty much operating on the basis that the world will end on December 21st 2012. Ain’t nothing after that.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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Happy Birthday, OM

(Also: happy birthday Bousy.)

City Square, 15th Oct 2012

Nice anniversarial piece by Evelyn.

Link to the Occupy Melbourne Reflects Journal (& blogpost re this by Holly Hammond).

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Birthday Party

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September.

It was more chaotic than usual – and, for me, marred by some sadness due to the absence of Certain Individuals (but what else is new I guess, lol/sigh).

In any case and all the same, the required standard was met. Which is to say: went off.

Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

Birthday uke

Pasteup of assorted party-relevant FB posts (heh); FB photo album.

(Previously; previously; previously; previously.)

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~ 36 ~

Cake & champagne w/ Bousy, Sara & Ben on Degraves (note baby cactus)

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Adam’s 39th Birthday

Adam's Birthday Invite

Adam Cutting Cake

UPDATE (11th Sept 2015): I found some audio, captured in The Sebel hotel at 4:20am:

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Birthday Of Dan Cross

I was still recovering from Thursday. But it seemed really nice.

Dan Cross's Birthday Cake

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Stuff I Did This Year

In a nutshell: systematically climbed the fuck out of hell. Again. (See previously: 2005; 2007; 2009.)

And it’s good! Can’t complain.


“Friends – you know who you are; you know we’re grateful.” – Blur, 1993. (Seriously. If ever a year was about Who Your Real Friends Are, it was 2011.)

Similarly, those who have fucked me up and fucked me over this year most likely know who they are also, and possibly how I feel about this (hint: angry, bewildered and sad) – with the possible exception of the Rt Hon Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle (note contact details), who I strongly suspect does not have any idea who I am.

(I also doubt he reads this blog. But since it just can’t be said often enough I might as well take this opportunity to (re)state, for the record: Robert Doyle, you’re a fucking cunt. You really are.)

The bulk of this year’s SIDTY post I rendered in audio format at the coast a few nights ago. It goes into a bit more detail (although, to be honest, not all that much). Enjoy:

You can see the pony...

... can't you?

Vale 2011. Viva 2012.

Happy new year!


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Xmas pomegranate

Toots and Me

Xmas sunset


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Happy Sixth Birthday, Blog

A year ago (good blog birthday)! Two years ago (shit blog birthday)! Three years ago (good blog birthday)! Four years ago (discombobulated blog birthday)! Five years ago (discombobulated blog birthday)! Six years ago.

Time, eh.

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Stuff I Did This Year

My 2010 started on a high. Life was good and all the stars were aligned, etc. Unfortunately the wheels started to come off in the second quarter and the second half was an increasingly shitful and regressive abortion.

So it goes. We’ll do this as many times as we have to.

Amongst other things (hosting some fairly awesome dinner parties, etc) I:

  • Went to Thailand;

  • Started studying art in fulfilment of longterm ambitions (alongside baby sis);

  • Went part time halfway through first semester (see also baby sis);

  • Reconciled with a former close associate after a long estrangement, which made me very happy;

  • Got very suddenly & unexpectedly shitcanned by a then-close associate three weeks later, with the inverse effect;

  • Deferred school and everything else and moped around reclusively for months doing increasingly little except thinking about everything, with increasingly hilarious consequences;

  • Turned 34 24 2.0;

  • Slapped myself around some for having fucked up so badly, thereby fucking things up more;

  • Got a job and started to apply the breaks.

I’m not going to thank specific people Oscar-stylez like I have the last two years.

People who’ve been awesome: thanks. People in general: also that other thing. Seriously.

Life is improving. I think we’ll be doing just fine if we relax a little.

Happy new year.


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Happy Fifth Birthday, Blog :)


(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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Stuff I Did This Year

This year was all about recovery. It started out in the absolute pits of hell, slowly got better, and – a few ickle problems here and there aside, but whatcha gonna do – ended all up in unmitigated gnarley.


As per last year I feel more like talking about people than doings or accomplishments. Specifically, and without wanting to get too gushy, all the people who’ve helped me in all their various ways to remember what the whole circus is about. Really forgot for a while there. Fucken’ sucked.

So couldn’t have done it without yiz.

Thanks. Seriously.

  • Mum, Dad & Jess.

  • Ben.

  • Despite – and partly because of – some serious difficulties, Liv (and co).

  • Henley.

  • On an obscure tip: Martha, Dolly, Magnus, Tim, my secret admirer, and the other Barn*by Ev*ns on Facebook.

  • Li.

  • Nada A.

  • Nada Z (nb not technically a person, but we’ll let it slide).

  • Em & co.

  • Kav. Georgie. Twyllan. Kinkel. Vicwie. Sims. Brendan. Zanella. The Major. Freedman. 2003 & co. And all the countless other people at/from my thankfully now-former work who are fucking awesome. But most especially them.

  • Relatedly: motorscooting Keith! Party and associates – most especially Bourkie, and Carol. We don’t really know Trajstman yet – but you may rest assured we intend to.

  • Cel.

  • Freakley.

  • Mr Ad*m F*rd (not the poet), and Mr D. Allan.

  • Grimsey.

  • Gab, obvs, and associates not previously mentioned, especially Pets & Dech (+ Scott, Ewan, Chirsp etc etc etc).

  • And last, but the exact opposite of least: Ms M. F. “prog081” Evans and associates, esp. Kat, Hayley, Fran & co, Ange & Chloe.

The admittedly sometimes finite limitations of my resources notwithstanding, these people can – at any time, and to whatever extent they may deem necessary and/or desirable – stand the fuck under my umbrella.

I’d also like to extend a really colossal, biblical-epic-stylez “fuck you” to one or two other individuals whose selfish, infantile cuntishness and astonishing lack of Vision ™, conversely, reeeallly hasn’t helped. Anyone. But I won’t. It won’t help. We can only have faith that in time they will grow the hearts, brains, spines and souls they surprisingly appear to lack.

Having A Soul: It’s Good.


Happy new year.


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