The DP I Audio Is Finally Up


All of V*cw*e’s parts have been edited out – which is a shame IMHO, coz they’re golden. But so it goes.

(She got kind of shitty at me about the whole thing, which was a bit upsetting. This is the first time anyone’s ever gotten pissy at me over blog audio. There’s an interesting post in all of this. But methinks it’s a story for another time.)

In happier news: I found out on Tuesday that, against all expectations, I got into art school.

Wo0t!1! etc


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2 Responses to The DP I Audio Is Finally Up

  1. wortwut

    You got in? OMG etc!
    Tell me more tell me more

  2. teigan

    I know right 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Second round offer. I’d basically given up – but too soon, apz. Toots enrolled for me by proxy on Friday; starting late Feb; well excited

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