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Wikileaks US Consulate Sit-In IV

Monday, 26th November.

Best. (Previously, previouser, previest.)

FB photo album. Compilation of my videos (and one of Moo’s):

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Weekend In Newstead

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd June.

FB Photo album / photo & movie archive (700 MB).

Newstead: Nathan on the road

Video: Talking to Nathan on Friday evening. Video: Breakfast on Saturday morning.

Newstead: Latent bonfire

Video: Sara attempting to make fire. Video: Puppies fighting.

Newstead: Bonfire

Newstead: Sunday 3am

Newstead: Sunday 7:45am

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Occupy McFarland St Treehouse (Part III) / Sarah’s 30th Birthday

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd April.

Appropriately epic and amazing. As per the Occuparty, I got almost no media – but there’s notes. And this intoxicated FB post made on the Saturday night, about halfway through the 48-hour proceedings:

Pictionary game referred to above:

Sarah's 30th: Pictionary

Soup, late on Sunday afternoon:

Sarah's 30th: Soup

I arrived home extremely comedowny and worse for wear on the Sunday eve to find Sara K, Scott, Indi & Warren unexpectedly still at my house, where they’d spent all weekend in my absence. Which was perfect.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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Occupy Friday #7


You Are Now Entering An Autonomous Zone

Circles @ OccFri #7 (click for larger)

Occupy Melbourne

The KWG dancing to the wheeliebin soundsystem at 1am:

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