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Don’t Be Getting All Up In My Grill Y’All

Why is this expression so funny?

PS Yes, it’s true – I had an appointment with Mr. Henley yesterday. No, I didn’t chicken out. Yes, he wore the damn suit. No, he is not Robin Hely. And yes, he is quite the character. That is all. No correspondence etc.


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It’s The Trysting Fields Comedy Spam Advisory Service

Apologies. Normal service will resume eventually.

>Let me tell you a few words about my experience.
>I was completely broken when I learned that I have
>problems with erectile dysfunction. A month I was as
>a dark cloud but then I learned about Soft Viagra and
>now I am happy as an angel.
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I’m Excited

“From: Crispin Black
To: [me]
Date: 22 August 2005 12:51:49 PM
Re: New CEO

Dear Operative [Teigan],

Due to your status as a relatively high-profile Inducted Operative, and the well-informed nature of your enquiry, Olga Chekhova has forwarded your most recent email to me for response.

Your supposition that Neurocam is beginning to move out of the state of remission in which it has resided since the suspension of senior staff on July 13 is correct.

Charles Hastings has successfully reapplied for the position of Director of Operations, reaffirming his commitment to this crucial role within the organization, and is currently collaborating with the Nautonier Liaison in assessing candidates for CEO.

An announcement regarding the appointment may be expected by Thursday 1st September at the very latest.

I have been appointed by the Nautonier to conduct a thorough assessment of Neurocam’s current state, and form recommendations regarding the best way forward for the organization – a task I have now completed – and oversee the implementation of these until such time as it is determined that my services are no longer necessary to ensure the continued stable functioning of NCI.

The Neurocam website will be relaunching with a new design very soon. New applications will be reopened at this time.

Except as noted, you are encouraged to publish this communique on your weblog.


Crispin Black
Transitional Co-ordinator
Neurocam International”

UPDATE – Then there’s this.


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I Am Indeed Not Aware Of Any Other Such Medical Remedy

Subject: Start when you need it

How often we are at a loss when we don’t have enough strength to satisfy our sex partner.

With CIALIS you will forget about this confusing problems at all.

Just one pill and you can have great sex anytime you like, in difference with other medical remedies!


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Coffee & Cigarettes

Where would I be without them? (Probably dead.)

Coffee & cigarette


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I Never Used To Get Spam

And I don’t really mind when I do, because it is so often so amusing and strange.

>Subject: Brutal family sex!
>These young daughters have never thought of anything like this before.
>click here to remove email

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I’m guest-adminning for Desci at the moment whilst she and her much-discussed boyfriend are out chasing this halfway around the country for a week. In her abscence she’s arranged for a Fitsian smorgasboard of exciting and dynamic guestposters to stimulate her readership daily in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. You should really check it out.

Operative Cronin (formerly tobyesterhase) gave up blogging for a while, but is happily back, and brings detailed news of the operative meetup in Buffalo, New York back in June.

And the inimitable Nada Awad aka Deadsoybean has quit blogging (and gone all Quilly on our asses), which is, contrastingly, sad. But she has her reasons.

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I’m Going Into The City Today

To be assessed by a recruitment agency who are going to get me a (slightly more) lucrative job in a stupid callcentre.

Wish me luck!!

City frontage


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Who The Hell Is Dan Pritchard Anyway?

Enquiring minds want to know.


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… And Here’s What I Spent It On

Shopping, which I spent all the money I have in the world on

  • Milk – Milk is delicious added to a range of hot beverages, and can also be poured very effectively over almost any breakfast cereal. It is an excellent source of calcium, so essential for building strong healthy bones and teeth with which to crush and dismember your enemies.
  • Corn – Corn is not only an entertaining vegetable, it also contains a winning combination of fibre and protein!
  • Evil battery-Farm Eggs – God help me, they were cheap.
  • Nutritionally Indifferent White Bread – Also cheap. And novel!
  • Burger-In-A-Biskits – Again with the novelty value. I’ve had these before but never when my good friend Ganj was in the haus.
  • Two Environmentally-Unfriendly Plastic Bags – Which I badly needed to put rubbish in, and stuff.

Overflowing rubbish bin


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Look, It’s My Earthly Fortune

All the money I have in the world

Not including 5c coins and the $1.62 in my bank account: eight dollars and thirty cents.

What should I spend it on?

I get paid tomorrow, and I’ve enough food stashed for tonight. I was thinking maybe stuff for breakfast (milk, bread, eggs – that kind of thing) but that’s so mundane, and I crave novelty.

As advised at Chez Rorschach, my position on the Big Brother question: Vesna was robbed, but our maturity and commonsense as a nation will prevail tonight when Tim, quite easily the least obnoxious BB contestant ever, emerges rightly victorious.

(UPDATE – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s something wrong with the world. I don’t know what it is, but I feel it – like a splinter in the back of my mind, driving me mad..)


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After a fashion.

In other news, good to see sub-xero is still kicking along.

*rolls eyes*


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Phone Companies Must Be Shitting Themselves

I just installed Skype and used it to have a lovely chat with Li. It worked great even though I only have a dialup. I’ve never been much of a one for IM-type things, but this is way cool and I will be leaving it up whenever I am online from now on, which is often.

My Skype handle is teigan84; giz a call sometime. Seriously, it’s so easy.

Old fashioned payphone


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Alexis & Althea

Alexis is, happily, back with a new url and is – I believe – in search of a new template, if anyone knows of any good ones.

Stealthy Australian non-operative neuroblogger Althea is also acknowledged.

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What Is The Disumbrationist Movement?

I’m glad you asked.

Not that I’m a part of it or anything, you understand.


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