I’m Going Into The City Today

To be assessed by a recruitment agency who are going to get me a (slightly more) lucrative job in a stupid callcentre.

Wish me luck!!

City frontage


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12 Responses to I’m Going Into The City Today

  1. Luck has been wished, you should receive it within 6-8 working days.

  2. Yea stupid call centers!
    Good luck!

  3. lady j

    Adam, could you please provide a confirmation number for that?

  4. …And Mr. Pulat- may I call you Teigan? Teigan, my name is Rorschach from Magick Rope…as one call centre drone to a prospective drone, what I am going to do for you today Teigan…after confirming with my supervisor in the right-brain hemisphere…is to advise you that…you definitely do not want to work as an office monkey in a call centre…Rest assured Mr. Pula- Teigan, that it will drive you nuts with the repetition and meaningless stock-phrases…Is there anything else?…would you like a reference for this comment?…

  5. It’s all good. The world in general drove me nuts quite some time ago.
    But thanks for your input.

  6. On second thoughts, your negative attitude leaves much to be desired. Can you put me through to your supervisor please?

  7. Sure, I’m just putting you through now *presses disconnect button*

  8. It’s the money you see. I am sick of having no goddamn money at all ever.

  9. *breaks down*
    God have mercy, it’s the money.

  10. I hadn’t thought of that..

  11. Time to start charging per minute on those audio messages now, innit? 😉

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