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Greetings From Tallarook

So I didn’t get the backlog killed before I left. Not even close. But hey, I’ve made ground! (*eyeroll*)

And now I’m out here, I realise the whole thing probably doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did. There are, I guess, conceivably worse things than confronting the mythical apocalypse with a chaotic media archive and a delinquent blog.

First view of CG Fest proper

CG Fest was good, although I spent most of it sloughing off accumulated stress and sleep deprivation.

Ox Montalvo + The Truck + contraband gas stove

Maybe it’s just the delirium, but I’m quite unreasonably thrilled by the fact that my home for the next week and a half is this hut, whose previous occupant over the weekend was none other than Ella Hooper:

My hut at Commonground

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Field Trip To Camp CHAG, Toolangi

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd June.

Point of note: I totes met Bob Brown at a public CHAG meeting at the Healesville Community hall on the Friday. (This was the second time I’d met him. The first time was in about 1994, when I shared a taxi with him to a Wilderness Society fundraiser in Canberra whilst dressed in a koala suit.)

Toolangi: Sign

Toolangi: Coup

Toolangi: Camp CHAG

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“Occupy Saturday” #1

Didn’t really happen. But at least the tree looked pretty.

"Occupy Saturday" #1

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Occupy McFarland St Treehouse (Part II)

Friday, 2nd March.


Party @ Sarah's 2nd March '12

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Amanda Palmer Performing In The Tree At City Square For Occ Melb

Sunday, 8th January.


More videos & an interview on Kenji’s YouTube channel.

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I Want To Live In This Tree

It’s in the Dandenongs.

Awesome tree

It’s pretty much the best tree ever.

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