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Hello, You



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Plastic Keys / Real Keys

Plastic keys / real keys


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Rainbow Serpent (Part 2)

You're a shit hot live artist


Beaufort signpost

Wood pyramid


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Shiny bauble


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Sparkly leaf

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She Was Under The House

Yes, she must have gotten down there via the hole in the bathroom floor created by the removal of the former bathtub.

Nada reappears

She emerged when I removed the grate from this previously weed-encrusted portal in the back garden yesterday.

Nada emerging
Nada emergent

She’s a bit rattled and she’s lost a lot of weight, but apart from that she seems fine.

Skinny Nads


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Don’t Come To Our Party

Your loss, bitches.

Balloons & bulbs

Me: Hello. Do you have any of those compressed gas bulbs you use to make whipped cream?

Customer Service Technician In Large Sydney Road Catering Supplies Outlet [beaming in bland, vacant customer-servicery way]: Yes; yes, we do. One of our most popular consumables. Right over there. [indicates stock stand groaning under the weight of vast supplies of nitrous oxide bulbs]

~: Tell me, do you get a high volume of well dodgy-looking tweakers like us, who probably aren’t actually employed in the catering industry at all, coming in and stocking up on massive quantities of these?

Customer Service Technician [absolutely without missing a beat]: Yes; yes, we do.

(And to that small handful of priveliged people who are coming tonight – see you soon; looking forward to it.)


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Planning / Love




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We Went To The Victoria Markets On Saturday

And we bought:

A cherry-flavoured cigar!
Cherry Tatiana


Three feet of San Pedro Cactus!

3 feet of San Pedro

Aaand – thanks to an anonymous tipoff – we also acquired from this Asian grocery…
Asian grocery

.. Red Bull concentrate!

Red Bull in cabinet

For $2.80 a bottle, complete with nutritional information:

Red Bull Nutritionals



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I Found A Scarf

It’s quite nice. I like it.


I encountered it on the northern fringes of the CBD late this afternoon, tied to a lamppost in the manner depicted:

Scarf tied

I hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s carefully laid plans by taking it. But if one will insist on leaving a perfectly good scarf tied to a public facility, these things will happen.


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Remember, As You Stare Into The Lettuce..

…the lettuce stares also into you.

“The Nietzschean diet has its critics. Detractors say the diet’s actual nutritional requirements are vague, that it provides no concrete plan for progression toward weight-loss targets, and that the book consists mostly of unclear and unusually harsh sets of inspirational logical lacunae.”

(via Technoccult.)

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