Phantom Kitty (Mewl Without A Cat)

For the last three days, I’ve been hearing Nads mewl. In my bedroom, in the dining room, in the hallway, in the living room. She always sounds like she’s somewhere nearby.

I’m sure it’s her.

Have I seen her? No. Has she eaten any food? No.

This is nuts, man.


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  1. Similarly, people feel phantom vibrations in their pocket apparently from their cell phone when in reality it has not moved. Especially if they’re told about that it will vibrate.
    Or they hear cars in the driveway while waiting for a ride.

  2. The phantom-phone-vibration thing happened to me just yesterday. The person next to me’s phone rang, with my ringtone, and I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Except I didn’t; my phone wasn’t ringing at all.
    *That* phantom vibration had the subtle miragelike quality one associates with hallucinations though. (In hindsight, anyways..)
    This is *the noise of a cat, specifically my cat, fucking mewling*.
    Mewling, mewling like a mewly mewl.
    I may be crazy. It has been said. But I’m not imagining this.
    (Or if I am, it’s really time to worry..)

  3. Magnus

    Sure she’s not stuck anywhere in the house?

  4. That’s my real concern. If she is, I don’t know where and it isn’t any place that I can access. I’ve looked in all of those.

  5. Occam’s Razor says that she’s just turned invisible.

  6. That would explain the mewling, but not why she hasn’t eaten anything.
    Invisible cats still need to eat. (And so do trapped ones.. :/)

  7. wortwut

    are there still holes in the bathroom she coulda fallen into?
    have you got an under the house she could be stuck in?

  8. She’s back, and yes. Post pending.

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