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Xmas At Li & Charlotte’s

Xmas @ Li & Charlotte's: Do You Eat An Apple

Xmas @ Li & Charlotte's: What Do You Call A Penguin In The Saraha Desert?

Xmas @ Li & Charlotte's

Xmas @ Li & Charlotte's: Antonizzle Rulzz With Poop

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Postapocalyptic Breakfast Stylez

Postapocalyptic breakfast stylez

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Xmas Dinner At Chez Hagakure

Saturday, 15th December.

FB Photo album.

Merry Xmas From CH 2012

Xmas dinner @ CH

Photo of Nada by Dan

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Scones From Dan Cross

Did I mention that Dan became the new co-resident of Chez Hagakure about a month ago? Well, he did. It’s good 🙂

(The commencement of CH Cohabitative Arrangement VII was celebrated with an official housewarming on Saturday October 27th. But for whatever reason – partly because I was still recovering mentally from this – no notable media was captured of that event. Ergo no specific blogpost.)

Scones from Dan Cross

Viva la Crossman.

(Previously, lol.)

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Kade & Sara Cook Dinner

Kade & Sara weilding knives

Dinner cookage


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Piegeddon At Bousy’s Haus

Piegeddon @ Bousy's

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Chez Hag Piskey & Woker Gathering

Saturday, 7th July.

Interesting inter-tribal gathering originally proposed by Sara.

This video, documenting the arrival of Adam amidst nangage at around 9:30pm, is more audio than video. I’m not sure if I even knew I was shooting. But it captures the moment well enough:

Piskey & Woker

More formal video shot at 10:40pm:

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Transit Of Venus

Can This Be The Wall We Put The Coal Barons Up Against?

Transit Of Venus Brunch at CH

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Donut From Dan Cross

Donut from Dan Cross

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Aftermath Of Occupy Monsanto Day / General Assembly #52

Saturday, 17th March.

Monsanto Day flier

Corrected City Square sign


Occupy The Food Supply

What's your fantasy?

You & you & you alone

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Occupy Chez Hagakure

Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th March.

A somewhat brutal Thursday at Chez Hag was unexpectedly redeemed by the sudden invasion at 7:15pm of a swarm of beloved Occutards who stayed for two nights wreaking havoc in preparation for Occupy Monsanto day on Saturday.

No blog post could possibly do justice to this shit. Neither can screencapped Facebook posts, but I’ll link some anyway.

Occ Chez Hag: Kitchen

Video shot around midnight on the Thursday:

Followup video shot around 2:15am:

Three other videos which could not not be included:


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Last Day Of Semester One

Roo salad @ Bent St

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Spring = Sprung

Official fact. Doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but it’s unquestionably getting there.

So, Em came to visit from Sydney a few weeks ago. Hadn’t seen her in almost exactly a year. It was excellent. Here’s a picture of us her, and me in half-eaten pizza form at Bimbo:

We shared three pizzas. She was hungry.

Amongst other things, we talked blogs. She pointed out that my F$%book accounts have pretty much completely supplanted the more here-is-the-newsy kind of role my blog used to play back in the day, and told me she’d blog more if I did. Which seemed like a good deal, especially since I’m finally starting to feel kind of over F&#b!@k.

She also opined that TF should go back to being more writerly and less overwhelmingly audiocentric. Quoth TAFKALJ, concordantly: “TOO MUCH AUDIO”.

I dunno. The blog has to do what it wants!!! *stamps foot petulantly on behalf of blog* It can’t be forced, let alone by the audioantipathetic whims of sundry ex-girlfriends. Well, it probably can up to a point. But it shouldn’t be. That said, I think Em made a strong case.

Blog bloggety blog.

We’ll see what happens.


How was your winter? Mine was harsh. Although I’ve certainly had worse. And yeah – it’s over now.

Which is good.

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Last Roast Of Winter

Last Roast Of Winter

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Dinner Party V

Saturday 17th July.

Most fiasco-tastic DP evar! It’s been a bit like that lately. I almost gave up and cancelled it. But I’m very glad I didn’t, coz despite all kinds of stupid problems in the end it still went OFF.

DP V: table, post-pie

(10:21pm; 4min 59sec)

Amongst other things, the DPP planning committee encountered considerable guestlist difficulty. Despite and at least partly because of no less than three date changes aimed at accommodating them all and genuine enthusiasm from at least some quarters, exactly none of the invitees I’d originally lined up ultimately managed to make it.

DP V: Luke + pie

(10:55pm; 1min 17sec)

Which might have been considered a fairly abject fail – were it not for the inspiringly circus-saving company of previous-attendee legends who, in flagrant violation of DPP rules, valiantly braved the cold and brought the awse instead: Matt K (DPs I and III), Twyllan (DP II), Henley (DP III), Sarah aka The Major (DP IV), Pablo (DPP virgin), Luke (DP IV), and of course Grimsey (DPs I, II, III and IV). Fucken <3.

DP V: pie

(12:24am; 4min 28sec)

It was an unprecedentedly structured DP. As per a preestablished order of proceedings there was soup, then salad, then pie, then the merciless destruction and defilement of an old chair that had unforgiveably given way under DP I alumnus Bourkie at CH the night before. Then, naturally, muffins.

DP V: RH pisses on the 'chair'

(1:16am; 2min 26sec)

Along the way there were tears (not really); there was laughter. It was epic.

DP V: muffin + table

(2:34am; 2min 49sec)


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