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Yes, we are.


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As has been in the works for a while, Trysting Fields is now mapped to the domain

If you link here you should totally, like, update.

In other news, we have very very nearly finished the cleaning.

Life is better.

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In Other News: Term Of The Day

Relational aesthetics. Yes.

Note to self, man.



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It’s All About The Early Mornings At The Moment

“On Monday morning, Paxton was woken at five from a claustrophobic, anxious sleep by the weight of his worry. After disentangling himself from the sweaty unwelcome embrace of his patchwork quilt, he padded over to his bedroom window and pressed his nose forlornly against the glass. The sky was clear and dark and sparkling – there was, as yet, no sign of the sun.”

Jo (who I won’t link coz she hasn’t updated since March; maybe it’s just me, but I think her blog’s dead) told me the other week that my posts had become very cryptic this year.

I knew what she meant. But at the same time I was kind of bemused.

My posts have always been very cryptic. Sometimes they’ve been so cryptic that I didn’t even get them properly myself until ages afterwards.

This one here is a perfect example. I’m really not at all sure why I’m writing this – but I just know I’ll look at it in four months time, or in 2012, or whenever, and go “Ah, I see!! Ingenious, Teigs.”

Brains are funny.


I – which is to say, a close personal friend of mine – keeps getting sent zombie invitations on Facebook.

I don’t know what that’s about either.


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That 5am Window

Between sleep and waking, when you’re everyone and everything and nowhere and nothing.

You’re free. It’s nice. I used to live there.

I miss it when I relapse into the delusion of being a specific person.

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Thirty one.


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The World Is Everlasting

It’s coming and it’s going.

The dirtballs in your pockets and take off both your shoes, etc.



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It’s Time For Another New Post

That happened fast.

Here is a picture of the ink cart I bought on the way to work this afternoon:
Ink cart

Here are some doodles I did once I got there:
Doodle A

Doodle B

Here is a picture of ~‘s stuff in the hall, just before we moved it all out earlier this evening:
Jaye's stuff

Here is the schedule of cleaning I am going to do over the next week or so month:
Cleaning Plan

Here is a picture of the stirfry I made for dinner:
Stir fry

Here is a picture of Nada the no-longer-a-kitten-not-yet-a-cat’s dinner:
Nada's dinner

Here is a picture of some washing I just hung up:

Here is a picture of the bed I am going to now, that perhaps I may dream of posts more interesting than this one:

Good night.


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It’s Time For A New Post

Today is the first day of spring. Happy spring!

My housemate of the past eleven months is moving out on Monday. Au revior, Jaye. My previous housemate Bentendo moved out around this time last year.

Time, eh.

Now I need a new one. But first the bathroom has to be renovated. The bath is sinking and tiles keep falling out of the wall. It’s no good.

What else? Um, I’ve been selected for jury duty, which is weird. I didn’t even realise we had jury duty in this country. I guess they have to get jurors from somewhere.



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