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For reasons which may or may not become clear in the fullness of time, I have decided to start a postal muffin service.

If you would like a muffin, send an email to clearly indicating:

  • your name
  • your postal address
  • what kind/s of muffin you would like (please note: although your preferences will be taken into consideration, no undertakings are made regarding what kind of muffin you will actually receive)
  • your best theory as to why I would send a muffin pro bono on demand to any random who requests one via the internets
  • any questions you have
  • any additional information you feel inclined to share.

If your submission appears genuine (no timewasters, please), I will endeavour to send you a muffin through the post at the earliest opportunity.

UPDATE: Dedicated webpage.


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Plastic Keys / Real Keys

Plastic keys / real keys


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