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Night At Twyllan’s

Monday 22nd March.

NB No actual Tuss was consumed during the manufacture of this blog post; maybe next time


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Happy Fifth Birthday, Blog :)


(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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Random Encounter With AG

Thursday 4th March.

Team Toots @ TDP

AG + vodka & cranberry @ TDP

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Entertaining Budini

Tuesday 2nd March.

With Budini at the Rochy


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Polyphonic Spree @ The Forum

Saturday 27th February.

With G and these people.

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The Psychopathology Of Schnozzie

Friday 26th February.

Almost-but-not-quite captured on video. Exciting times!

In other news: The SRC Xmas party audio is finally up. Many thanks to Bourkie for giving it the green light at long last.

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Interview With The Prismatic Auditors

Tuesday 23rd February.

Starring Jason Maling & Torie Nimmervoll. (Previously; elsewhere.)

Torie applies slice

Prismatic audit Day 3

Predominant Daily Colour By Corridor

(Interview transcript.)

Jason and Torie hoist the flag


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First Day Of School

Monday 22nd February.


Wedges & music

Et voila, Art

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Party In The Patch

Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st February.

(See previous.)

With Adam, Gab and Grimsey.

It was ace. Once again, got a shit-ton of audio – and once again (but even more so), it’s pretty much solid gold. So instead of fretting about what to use and what not to use like I did over the DP III post, I decided to just stick it all up; fuck it.

PITP blurb

Many of his followers would be surprised to learn that one of Ford's great guilty pleasures in life is to enjoy a sausage roll over a copy of the Herald Sun in not-particularly-glamorous Belgrave. Never let it be said that he lives in an ivory tower

PITP setup


PITP couches & feet

It would be fair to say we ignored this advice

Sunset over The Patch

Patch by night

PITP: the morning after

Post-PITP breakfastz


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