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Twitter Is In

True story.

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The Psychopathology Of Schnozzie

Friday 26th February.

Almost-but-not-quite captured on video. Exciting times!

In other news: The SRC Xmas party audio is finally up. Many thanks to Bourkie for giving it the green light at long last.

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The Necrotastic Rearchtivation of H (419)

Fans of Hagakure 419 will be delighted to learn that its long-lost archives from the golden era of April, May, June, July and August 2006 are back, and better than ever*.

* Relative value judgement; the quality of your personal H419 archival experience is your own responsibility and cannot be guaranteed by TF editorial staff. If dissatisfaction persists, stick metal skewers into your eyeballs.


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Announcement: Everyone’s Too Stupid

The Mishukis‘ much-discussed debut LP Everyone’s Too Stupid is available at long last.

You can buy a copy for US$5.50 plus postage, or alternately build your own using these simple instructions.


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People Are Always Saying To Me

“Teigs,” they say, “your joining Are You Hungry is an extraordinary achievement. You must feel very satisfied that all your hard years of struggle have finally paid off.” And I look at them like they are crazy.

Taking their cue from this, they then invariably continue: “But yeah, you know, I guess you’re right; somehow the whole thing does seem kind of shallow, empty and meaningless.. without desktop wallpaper.”

So I made some.

That shut them up.

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I’ve So Finished

.. the long-overdue task of tabulating the fiddly stats in my stuff i did last year post. I was unable to compile them in Manchester because I had (a) insufficient access to the relevant data and (b) much better things to do.

I so have! They’re at the bottom of the page, if you’re interested. Alternately, you could just follow the link up there. Or, y’know, you could go and do something else entirely. See if I care, dear reader. See if I give a fuck.

Hey, you could go and visit Nada. She just posted, which is an event these days.

I like Nada. But then I’m a Nadaist; I think it’s probably compulsory. Even if I wasn’t a Nadaist I would probably still like her, though. Honest.

Speaking of returns from the dead: as some people reading this will know, I was becoming a bit concerned about the status of my housemate ~ who mysteriously completely vanished off the face of the earth on Thursday night; I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of him since.

But all is well; he turned up at about 9pm this evening, looking very sunburnt. Turns out he’d simply taken an impromptu trip to the coast, where his phone died. There’s a lot of it about.

After a touching reunion, we watched Press Gang whilst I designed a new logo for my media company on “the old one was a pile of shit” grounds.

Life is good.

That is all.


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Scary, Scary, Don’t We Look Mean

(via The Wild Hunt.)

What Mishuki said.

Happy Halloween, everybody.


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I Just Successfully Applied For An ABN

You can do the whole thing online.

Takes about ten minutes.

So, if anyone would like to pay me for my services, rest assured that I can now issue you with a tax invoice quoting my ABN, in accordance with applicable laws.

Once my new business has made $540, maybe I’ll register a company.

Apparently that takes about twenty minutes. (And $540.)


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Seriously! Go read Hagakure 419!

If you have enjoyed this (possibly now defunct) weblog, you will have multiple orgasms over the ‘Kure.

It’s filled with bloggy goodness the likes of which you ain’t been seeing round these parts for ages. It’s a depraved new world! And quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to get into it. Any way you can.

What are you, scared?

I reckon you’re just scared.

Our resident Enlightenment Officer, Calumny Pointsettia, sent out a promotional email which was a bit over the top. Perhaps it frightened everyone off. I tried to tell her to tone it down a little, but she wouldn’t listen. She gets a bit carried away sometimes. But that’s just because she loves our little house blog so much.

Go on – we’ve got Chesh and everything.

What more could you possibly want?


There’s nothing more that you could possibly want.


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House Blog

That is all.

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