I’ve So Finished

.. the long-overdue task of tabulating the fiddly stats in my stuff i did last year post. I was unable to compile them in Manchester because I had (a) insufficient access to the relevant data and (b) much better things to do.

I so have! They’re at the bottom of the page, if you’re interested. Alternately, you could just follow the link up there. Or, y’know, you could go and do something else entirely. See if I care, dear reader. See if I give a fuck.

Hey, you could go and visit Nada. She just posted, which is an event these days.

I like Nada. But then I’m a Nadaist; I think it’s probably compulsory. Even if I wasn’t a Nadaist I would probably still like her, though. Honest.

Speaking of returns from the dead: as some people reading this will know, I was becoming a bit concerned about the status of my housemate ~ who mysteriously completely vanished off the face of the earth on Thursday night; I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of him since.

But all is well; he turned up at about 9pm this evening, looking very sunburnt. Turns out he’d simply taken an impromptu trip to the coast, where his phone died. There’s a lot of it about.

After a touching reunion, we watched Press Gang whilst I designed a new logo for my media company on “the old one was a pile of shit” grounds.

Life is good.

That is all.


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4 Responses to I’ve So Finished

  1. teigan

    Which hat is that?

  2. teigan

    Are you the person who’s been spying on me?
    Here was me thinking it was probably Hely or ASIO, but I should have looked closer to home. Or, in another sense, further away.

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