Announcement: Today Is TF’s Second Birthday

I celebrated by buying a new goldfish, Feustus II.

Feustus II

His predecessor Feustus I died in April 2005, as documented in one of my very first posts.


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4 Responses to Announcement: Today Is TF’s Second Birthday

  1. j

    Happy Birthday, TF!
    (a goldfish and a kitten – now that’s going to be a winning combination … )

  2. Tira Misu

    It’s adorable! 😀

  3. Fish, indeed.
    What next? Rabbits?
    I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s rabbits, you know.

  4. teigan

    Nah, man. Rabbits are stinky. Cute, but stinky.
    Next is a cat, of course. (Remember the cat?)
    Between bouts of poverty, busyness, travel and discombobulation I think I missed kitten season this year.
    But that’s okay. There’ll be another springtime. Probably. And if there isn’t.. well then, it hardly matters.

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