Thirty one.


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  1. j

    Welcome to the other side.

  2. wortwut

    Yeah, the wrong side.
    I mean, the dark side.
    Sorry, the wise side. Yep.

  3. Anonymous

    Happy birthday, Teiggy!

  4. Option C, please
    (Thanks, all)

  5. wortwut

    do we get a birthday activities post?

  6. Hooray for Boobies
    and happy birthday

  7. 31? I’m sure you’ve ages two years and I haven’t aged at all. I recall you being 29 earlier this year.
    It might have been 2 years ago though.

  8. >I recall you being 29 earlier this year.
    I know how you feel. Quite a lot of stuff happened between 29 and 31, but that was kind of in another dimension. Now I feel 28 again in a lot of ways. Except I’m not, I’m 31.
    Time, eh.

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