Look, It’s My Earthly Fortune

All the money I have in the world

Not including 5c coins and the $1.62 in my bank account: eight dollars and thirty cents.

What should I spend it on?

I get paid tomorrow, and I’ve enough food stashed for tonight. I was thinking maybe stuff for breakfast (milk, bread, eggs – that kind of thing) but that’s so mundane, and I crave novelty.

As advised at Chez Rorschach, my position on the Big Brother question: Vesna was robbed, but our maturity and commonsense as a nation will prevail tonight when Tim, quite easily the least obnoxious BB contestant ever, emerges rightly victorious.

(UPDATE – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s something wrong with the world. I don’t know what it is, but I feel it – like a splinter in the back of my mind, driving me mad..)


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  1. Incidentally, did anyone see the footage, recently rebroadcast on Up Late of Kate and Christie tossing off in the sauna? Fascinating stuff and great television.

  2. Ok, my better judgement says not to get involved in Big Brother related subjects, but my years of media studies and, more recently, reality television education promises to force my hand.
    This year has been the revival of BB in Australia, the old suggestion of the death of reality TV is once again shown to be an uneducated and misjudged cry. The truth is clear that RTV will not die but will instead go through a series of peaks and troughs of popularity.
    The change in format and in auditions for BB proved the right move for producers who feared after the last two years lacklustre ratings that the show would fizzle. Before BB05 it seems people remember most fondly BB01 when the concept was new and fresh (to Australians at least)
    Remarkably this year, possibly the most entertaining series since the first, has also proven to mirror the first.
    Can we study the final three for proof?
    What happened in BB01? Ben, Blair and Sarah-Marie, that fat, obnoxious, everything I hate in a woman housemate.
    Everyone thought she’d win, but voila! she got assed, the first of the final three, leaving the older everyman and the young nice guy to battle it out for first place.
    the everyman won.
    Vesna was the reincarnation of Sarah Marie, and she rightly followed her path.
    leaving the wiser everyman and the young upstart to battle it out to a predictable end.
    The bottom line is, the everyman will always win, he’s the everyman for chrissakes, like Tim from the Office, or Tim from Big Brother.
    We could argue that after the turmoil of the last 5 years, in which Australian society has changed dramatically, that the old ideologies of society, the old attitudes are returning in the cyclical fashion that was always inevitable. If you want to learn about a society, watch their telly.
    RTV and BB have peaked again, get ready for another 4 year trough.
    Thankyou for your time.
    oh, and spend that money on some wizz-fizz and grape juice.

  3. Some incisive analysis there. I can certainly see the parallels between Vesna and Sarah-Marie, both stubborn freaks with strong tendencies towards annoying harridanism, but much of Vesna’s appeal derives from a tendency to play the loser card whilst Sarah-Marie depended upon more genuinely likeable qualities to compensate for being a monumental pain in the arse half the time.
    Similarly I can see the Greg & Tim / Blair & Ben axis but I wouldn’t necessarily slice it the same way. I think Greg is more of an everyman than Tim (he’s blander and stupider), but I think that – unlike Ben – he’s so bland that Tim will surely trounce him. It should be noted that I predicted Blair would beat Ben on the same basis, but as you so rightly point out, times have changed and I think the public has grown up a lot.
    All of this, of course, avoids the key question: is Gretel Killeen evil?

  4. PS Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Li

    This is the only series of big brother that I have’t liked. Loud social people annoy me. Poeple who actually talk to each other face to face, rather than msg’ing or emailing annoy me. When people do it loudly it annoys me even more.
    I like the quiet intelligent boring people. Big brother should be filled with philosophers who’ve never had sex. These will be my people, people I can vote for.
    If i was in big brother i’d win though. My friends call me Tim (from the office). I can be everyman. All i need is every woman.

  6. You mean Whitney Huston?
    It’s a Bateman thing, isn’t it.

  7. Li

    Well, yeah, it’s that…and the fact that I want a woman who will still love me after I slap her around.

  8. Tript’s analysis is essentially correct except that Greg is the dull everyman while Tim is the one who can actually string together a meaningful and articulate sentence (which is why he lost).
    btw- hanging round that friend of yours ganj or whatshisname has caused your standards to slip. Obviously a bad influence. Burger in a biscuit?! I once seem to recall shrines to choc brownies…

  9. That’s not my standards; it’s the standards of my kitchen.
    Besides, Burger-in-a-biskits are *great*.
    You are absolutely correct re BB and I feel that once again the Australian public has demonstrated it has no business voting for anything.

  10. I stand corrected.
    Let me posthumously readjust my opinion of Australian society.

  11. Who’s the real winner of BB05? Channel Ten.
    Stop discussing these shows so that real programming can once again reign supreme.
    Whatever happened to Bugs Bunny, The Leyland Brothers World, and the birthplace of reality TV – It’s a Knockout!?
    Oh, and Neurocam – Sigh.

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