Don’t Be Getting All Up In My Grill Y’All

Why is this expression so funny?

PS Yes, it’s true – I had an appointment with Mr. Henley yesterday. No, I didn’t chicken out. Yes, he wore the damn suit. No, he is not Robin Hely. And yes, he is quite the character. That is all. No correspondence etc.


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6 Responses to Don’t Be Getting All Up In My Grill Y’All

  1. You wake me from my slumber with this behemoth but no correspondance will be entered into?
    Homer to Lenny: “Those egg people have gotten to you too haven’t they?!?”

  2. No correspondence. It would be more than my life is worth. Or at least my NCI membership, which is effectively the same thing..

  3. While ‘Don’t Be Getting All Up In My Grill Y’All’, I prefer the H*R-esque ‘All Upons’
    ‘Man, I can’t wait to wear my new leather jacket to that party. The laydeez will be all upons!’ or
    ‘And he saw me talking to his girlfriend, and started getting all upons, so I headbutted him’.
    Use it. SO much fun.

  4. oneyedjak

    did he resemble peter burke at all?

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