I’m Excited

“From: Crispin Black
To: [me]
Date: 22 August 2005 12:51:49 PM
Re: New CEO

Dear Operative [Teigan],

Due to your status as a relatively high-profile Inducted Operative, and the well-informed nature of your enquiry, Olga Chekhova has forwarded your most recent email to me for response.

Your supposition that Neurocam is beginning to move out of the state of remission in which it has resided since the suspension of senior staff on July 13 is correct.

Charles Hastings has successfully reapplied for the position of Director of Operations, reaffirming his commitment to this crucial role within the organization, and is currently collaborating with the Nautonier Liaison in assessing candidates for CEO.

An announcement regarding the appointment may be expected by Thursday 1st September at the very latest.

I have been appointed by the Nautonier to conduct a thorough assessment of Neurocam’s current state, and form recommendations regarding the best way forward for the organization – a task I have now completed – and oversee the implementation of these until such time as it is determined that my services are no longer necessary to ensure the continued stable functioning of NCI.

The Neurocam website will be relaunching with a new design very soon. New applications will be reopened at this time.

Except as noted, you are encouraged to publish this communique on your weblog.


Crispin Black
Transitional Co-ordinator
Neurocam International

UPDATE – Then there’s this.


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7 Responses to I’m Excited

  1. I wonder, given the supposed security breaches, if this is the same Crispin Black of
    Janusian Security Risk Management or Crispin Black the fire-eating heavy metal peformance artist? Or someone else entirely.

  2. Alexandre Martinique

    It is very exciting news that Neurocam may soon be resuming operations.

  3. Hey, I just realised that the 1st of September is also the day Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starts. Coincidence? I want to find the gold ticket that lets me go on a tour of the Neurocam HQ. Do you think Neurocam employ Oompah Loompahs?

  4. Rorschach, didn’t you get the assignment where we were instructed to go out and locate 3 oompah loompahs and write Bridgette Fischer’s name on them?
    Or was that just me?

  5. AG, It wasn’t just you.
    p.s. Check out my new template, it’s HIDEOUS! I dig it.

  6. good grief, that IS so beautifully hideous

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