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Went off.

Admittedly not to quite the full extent of last year’s – but on the upside no one wound up in hospital this time, and no string of events which will lead to me being effectively completely shut down for the best part of the coming year were set in train. Which is always good.

On the downside, my Ixus disappeared – I won’t say explicitly that Wouters stole it because, however plausible, this theory can’t be proven beyond reasonable doubt – so there are no pictures. But a lot of audio was captured, and it’s great.

This bit is my favourite. The core of it is Grimsey asking various people if they think Facebook is dead, and Henley‘s impassioned rantsponse:

I’ve produced a full transcript of the above clip, in the vague hope that this might help others to appreciate it almost as much as I do.

And this is me the morning[*] after:


[*] Morning, afternoon, whatever.


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Happy Fourth Birthday, Blog




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Canberra Redux (Two)


Teigan is coffee & cigarettes. 11:06am

Teigan is in Glebe Park. 12:40pm

Teigan is riding out a passing wave of terrible sadness. 2:08pm

Teigan is having a quick one with Ev. 3:32pm

Teigan is at Dan's wedding. 4:43pm

Teigan is at Dan's wedding. 4:43pm

Teigan is at Dan's wedding. 4:43pm

Teigan is not dancing. 9:26pm

Teigan is back at the Phoenix. 10:21pm


Teigan is calling a taxi. 9:12am

Teigan is going home. 9:28am

Teigan is coffee on the porch at Bent St. 12:22pm

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Canberra Redux (One)

So yeah – Toots & I went to Canberra the weekend before last.

We grew up there. I left in 2004, and haven’t been back since 2005 (previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously).

I Facebooked the whole trip from beginning to end in status updates and pictures from my phone. Which gave me a thrill. Fuck you if you can’t understand.

(No seriously – fuck you, dear reader. Fuck you to hell. I hope your face is revoltingly disfigured by a horrible flesh eating virus. I really mean that.)

The ‘Tendo suggested I post the whole mini-feed saga in all its glory here. But even I have my limits.

Here’s some pictures and audio, though. Hover for captions etc.


Teigan is turning on flight mode. 2:16pm / Teigan is turning off flight mode. 3:26pm

Teigan is at Gus's. This is quite weird. 5:05pm

Teigan is watching Toots shop for wedding clothes, etc. 5:30pm

Teigan is watching Toots shop for wedding clothes, etc. 5:30pm

Teigan is loitering in Civic bus interchange. 5:55pm

Teigan is at the Phoenix, not smoking because of course you can't anymore. 6:02pm

Teigan is at the Phoenix, not smoking because of course you can't anymore. 6:02pm

Teigan is figuring out how to get to there using Google Maps. 8:26pm

Teigan is going there. 8:37pm

Teigan has totally been FB-stalked to his physical location by R*b*rt G*th & W*nst*n O*k*s, of all the people. 11:23pm

Teigan is back at the Phoenix. 11:48pm

Teigan is feeling very haunted & illusion-of-time-y. 12:13am

Teigan is at Kingos eating chips & gravy from Chicken Gourmet. 1:04am

(To be continued.)

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Things To Be Thankful For (Seven)


Specifically: really goddamn good art.

Notes from The Vorticist

Fuck yeah.

(Previously; elsewhere.)


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Chez Hagakure Tea & Pizza Shapes Meet

Starring this chick.

Tea, Pizza Shapes & DF

(Previously; previously; previously; previously; previously; elsewhere.)


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Happy Third Birthday, Blog

Here’s to certainly at least one more year of.. whatever the hell kind of fuckery this is.


(A year ago. Two years ago. Three years ago.)


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Rainbow Serpent (Part 2)

You're a shit hot live artist


Beaufort signpost

Wood pyramid


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I Went To The Movies Last Night

I saw a late show of The Darjeeling Limited at the Nova. It was really, really good. Prior to that I literally hadn’t been to a movie since my barely-remembered trip to Sydney last July, which is just crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Sitting texting happily away waiting for the trailers to start, I remembered seeing Wes Anderson’s last effort The Life Aquatic in the exact same cinema in 2005. It was all very funny and illusion-of-time and etc.

Movies are good. Note to self: see more movies.


Trouble is: much as I fucking love going to the cinema, it’s quite expensive – and I find it hard to sit down and stay still for long enough to watch a whole movie at home. It feels lazy and timewastey. “What am I doing, just sitting here?” I think to myself. “I could be wandering around in the garden smoking cigarettes and thinking about things, or taking over the world, or updating my Facebook status, or, or, or.. [is overwhelmed by infinite possibilities; goes blank].”

It’s partly something I picked up from living with Bendendo and then Wouters, both of whom would sit around for hours watching TV randomly for no particular reason almost every day, in a way that made me want to slap them.

Largely as a result of this, I basically no longer watch TV at all in any form, ever. My TV’s been effectively broken for the last two months. It hasn’t been problematic.

But maybe I’ll just have to get it fixed, and learn. I could doodle whilst I watch.

Hmm. Hmm!


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In Other News

Ms Fits has acknowledged my existence again. (Previously.)

There really is nothing left to live for.

(Except, y’know, art and shit.)


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Stuff I Did This Year

(Previously & previouslier.)

I missed most of 2007.

It started excellently, and ended okay. Adventures were had, things were discovered; it was not a total dead loss. But overall it will not be remembered as a banner year on Planet Teigan.

This year, amongst assorted other things (see archives), I:

  • Misguidedly started a BA at Melbourne Uni for the second time, and then dropped out after a month for the second time.
  • Got kinda down.
  • Just about survived winter without going totally insane or throwing myself under a train.
  • Gradually got better.
  • Got totally ditched, in my absence, by the artist formerly known as Lady J after an extremely Significant & Intense 18-month relationship.
  • Spent approximately 680 hours conducting telephone-based social research for money. (The weirdness, the horror, the tedium etc). (Also: The doodling.)
  • Somewhat overambitiously applied & was interviewed for a BFA at one of the premier art schools in the country, despite having basically no traditional visual art-type skills or talent at all. Was not accepted.
  • Spent what probably cumulatively amounts to several months on Facebook.
  • Drank quite a lot.
  • Various other things which are none of your damn business. Who the hell are you, anyway? Who are you really? etc

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Painting toenails by candlelight

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I’d Like To Thank The Academy

And also:

Honourable mentions:

And last but not least, my mum. Thanks for having me, etc. I appreciate it.

And various other people.

You are all – in your assorted different ways – special to me, and I love yiz. For whatever it’s worth.

That is all.

PS Interview went well.


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This Month Has Been Totally Surreal

It’s certainly been interesting.

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Time Machine Fuel

The artist, gentleman & scholar formerly known as Semi/Dirty Kant/Rorschach gave me – perfectly – a time machine for my birthday.

Time machine (front)

I was touched. But I have not, as yet, been able to use it. Appropriate fuel is required, lest dire consequences etc:

Time machine (surface)

So, continuing a long and bizarrely successful TF tradition, I hereby formally call for time machine fuel; ideally an ongoing source thereof.

In case the preceding is too subtle

Successful respondents will be escalently awarded.


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