Maybe Some Doodles

That I drew at work.

Ivan doodle

I like to doodle whilst I work.

Dean doodle

I got in trouble the other day for doodling when I should have been conducting legitimate social research.

John doodle

My supervisor had to remind me that I get paid $20 an hour to call random phone numbers and then talk their owners into answering ridiculous questionnaires – not to doodle.

Little man doodle

I’d completely forgotten, so engrossed was I by my doodle.

Greg Turner Peter Boot doodle

Doodle 2


Feathered doodle


Swirly doodle


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6 Responses to Maybe Some Doodles

  1. I’ve never thought of doodling at work… But I did try to insist to my boss that the logo I had created for the company on MS Paint in one minute was better than the one we already had.
    The one we have had gradient instead of solid colour. I think we all know what would look better.
    Nice doodles, by the way.

  2. A psychoanalyst would be able to tell a lot about your personality from those doodles.
    I doodle most intensely when I am on the phone.
    After, I always feel guilty, like it meant I wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation.
    $20 an hour huh? good onya.

  3. Hey, it’s you again. I’d recognise that distinctive commenting style anywhere.
    (I could be a psychoanalyst, me – and command much higher rates.
    But it’s not about the money, y’know? It’s about being paid to doodle conduct valuable social research.)

  4. Martha

    silly cow – in 20 years time no-one will remember those stupid surveys

  5. AG

    yes in 20 years, all history will record about August 07 was this blog post.
    That and the impending destruction of the moon – but you didn’t hear that from me.

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