I Got A Mail Yesterday Asking If I Was Still Alive

Inspired partly (I think) by the lack of updates here.

The answer is yes.

Life has been a bit chronzonic since Easter.

Amid concerns that my cohabitant and partner in Arts dropoutdom Jaye de Koan and I have begun drifting into the arena of the unwell, and improbable amounts of time spent Googling idly on phrases like “total lack of focus” and “completely stuffed up my life”, I have found myself contemplating joining the French Foreign Legion doing a Certificate III in Disability Care, because this would guarantee me 15 hours of work a week in my capacity as a casual Attendant Carer – a job which involves things like pulling down quadraplegics’ pants for them, waiting in their living rooms for two hours whilst they take a dump, then pulling their pants back up again, and taking profoundly uncommunicative 55-year-old longterm-institutionalized schizophrenics for walks to McDonalds.

In the end I decided against it.

But I did make a resolution to get up at 7:30am every weekday, and set a rule that I cannot log onto the ‘puter or smoke a second cigarette until I’ve been to the gym.

It’s come to this, etc.

But I’m still alive.

In happier news, I met one of my local art heroes last week. Her name is Danielle Freakley. She is, amongst other things, a mobile art gallery and human quote generator.

She contacted me after I rather rudely put her epic, surreal Neurocam application online, asking me to take it down. Then she sent me some long, discursive audio messages and invited me to her house.

She lives two doors down from a brothel. When I went to visit her, I rang its doorbell instead of hers by mistake. Upon being informed of my error – and that no-one was available for the next ninety minutes – I thought maybe she’d deliberately given me the wrong address as a prank.

But the error turned out to be mine, and a delightful evening was eventually had eating soup and birds nests, going to the pub and watching her talk entirely in quotes, putting an egg out on the road and seeing how it took to get run over, drinking tea, and talking about Art.

She called me again last night and told me that the Head of Drawing at VCA had suggested, on her prompting, that I come in and give a workshop on Art Cults. I told her I wasn’t really up for it right now, but that it was a lovely invitation.

Viva Freakley.

In other, other news: I got a kitten! But that’s another post.


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2 Responses to I Got A Mail Yesterday Asking If I Was Still Alive

  1. Tira Misu

    I can imagine… Saying “No one is available for the next 90 minutes!” to someone that comes to my house. XD Oh wow.. that would be very entertaining.
    Omg! I wanna see the kitten.. Did you name him/her yet?
    Tira Misu <3

  2. teigan

    Omg! I wanna see the kitten..
    Workin’ on it. She’s very shy.
    Did you name him/her yet?
    Yes. Partly after someone you know, as it happens.

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