Things I Did In Canberra (Part 2)

On Friday evening I went to dinner at Anise on West Row with Mum & Dad, for Mum’s birthday. We got hijacked numerous times by other people at the restaurant my folks (mostly Dad) knew, which was very Canberran.

I went out on Saturday night with my friend E. We drank beer at Filthy McFaddens and ate Japanese before evacuating his native Kingston for Civic. We played pool at Toast, had traditional semi-drunken coffee at Gus’s, and then, for reasons which remain less than entirely clear to me, went and saw Sahara, which was crap.

Movie ticket

I got a couple of driving practice sessions in with my mother. My clutching is improving, but my steering needs work.

Driving log
4 hours down, 116 to go..

On Sunday I had a luxuriously long conversation with my sister M (who, unlike my other sister, is definitely not getting married), currently residing at a hostel in Cairns and unphoneable except on her mobile. We used to be very close. We’re less close these days, but it was still fantastic to talk to her.

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