And That Was The End Of That

The parental farewell party in Canberra went well. But I felt very numb all weekend; couldn’t really get my head around what was happening. It didn’t seem real.

It doesn’t seem right for such a significant change to occur whilst I’ve still got one foot in the void. My family home where I spent so many years of my life has just ceased to exist, and it’s like I missed the whole thing. It’s sad.

I found my microphone.

New jeans
And I got some new jeans.

As predicted the highlight of the trip was seeing my youngest sister, who’s very special. We have a complex history. She’s been an incredible bitch to me on a fair number of occasions without ever saying sorry. I think I’ve damaged her quite badly in some ways, although I didn’t mean to. She’s never entirely gotten over certain things, even after four years.

But for all our history, I still love her so much and probably always will. I fantasize sometimes that one day we will be the best of friends again, and make art together happily ever after. Maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t know.

She seems to be doing alright. Although she has developed a serious text messaging addiction.

SMSin' 1 message recieved

After the party on Saturday night, we played traditional stoned cards in my old room. It wasn’t like the old days at all, but it was nice.

I lead a pretty psychological life.. I think most people do

Cards Bong

Red walls 1 Red walls 2
I painted these walls red after I got home from Wales at the beginning of 2000.

Twilight balcony

That is all.

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