From Tomorrow The Signs Are Going Up


Be afraid.

Do not be afraid. Be brave, for a glorious new era beckons. Vote Nada!


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7 Responses to From Tomorrow The Signs Are Going Up

  1. [insert positive reinforcement here]

  2. Nada Manson

    If you vote for me…
    …all of your wildest dreams will come true!

  3. President of what? The world? The cheese factory?
    ‘Cause if it’s ducks, it would have to be ‘no way’. I’m running for that position myself.

  4. All of time and space.
    You may have jurisdiction over ducks, if you will only join our campaign.
    Remember – all your wildest dreams! And the only thing it will cost you is yooooouuuur soooouuuu– er, your vote!
    I know we can count on your support

  5. Okay I voted too.
    [Couldn’t think of an easier way to post an image – just hope it works!]

  6. Put away your Lambda Fib series and get out the Vote.
    Vote NADA
    Everyone should come on over and explore the google ads that all pertain to embarrassing smells…let’s hope that the Vote for NADA campaign will at least clear the air a bit.

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