Well That Was Quite Something

IR protest hordes in Federation Square

IR protest hordes en route

IR protest hordes in Carlton Gardens

When injustice becomes law


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10 Responses to Well That Was Quite Something

  1. I caught the early part of the rally – it’s great to see that people are still willing to stand up for something.
    If only there were a chance in hell that the government cared what the people thought…

  2. Indeed, indeed.
    It won’t really make a blind bit of difference to anything of course.
    But any excuse to say “fuck you” in vast numbers to the Howard Cunterment is a good one afaic.

  3. Not to worry. Those types of protests are probably more about getting your message to the blind and ignorant members of public than they are about getting your message to the blind and ignorant government.

  4. Li

    I had to give a lady on the phone today the bad news that her order hadn’t arrived due to the protest.
    She was very unimpressed with all of you and decided to take it out on me. I told her next time there’s talk of a mass protest, I’ll personally make sure it doens’t happen.
    I think she thought I was being serious as she gave me a cheery goodbye.

  5. Golly, Li. I can’t help but feel partly responsible. One 200,000th of the blame for this distressing occurrence lies entirely with me.
    Although, you know, you could have been out marching yourself. So actually I take it back. 😛

  6. Have I read Atlas Shrugged? No.
    Do I have any plans to? No.

  7. Li

    I don’t march, I strut. Sometimes, I trip and fall. Sometimes, I just trip.

  8. I suspect you are the wiser of us.

  9. God

    Hello, God here. Just popped in to say hello. That’s a wonderful protest you got there.
    Well… best be off.
    bye! x

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