Monday 7th of November

Was the first anniversary of my move to Melbourne. I only just realized. Time flies.

I should have celebrated. So much has happened. It has been a unique twelve months.

But I was too preoccupied with other things to even notice.


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6 Responses to Monday 7th of November

  1. Congratulations on passing your probationary period. Melbourne now owns you. Please report for full body cavity search at the designated location.

  2. Happy anniversary Teigan and Melbourne.

  3. When I was Jonathan in Arsenic and Old Lace back in High School I recall hating Melbourne, the very words would throw me into a murderous rage.
    If you join T.I.T.A.N. you will be forced to party…it is part of the rigourous training. Our lifestlye is very rough…celebrations are a priority. You may be sad to know that Cronin was assed from T.I.T.A.N. for failing his assignment, I think that was Halloween Night too. Poor sucker…
    I’ll tip one of these bongy things to ya…and then just remind everyone that we are not friends…hee hee dangerous real estate huh?
    P.S. go look at my blog it has all sorts of new stuff I spent way too much time on…
    Chris Titan

  4. Happy anniversary m’dear. xo

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Chris – send me an application..

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