Soiled Keyboard

Soiled keyboard (front)

Grimsby has been hard at work. Early yesterday afternoon, at great personal inconvenience to me, I spilled an entire cup of coffee over my keyboard.

Soiled keyboard (back)

After that it mysteriously stopped working. I think we all know who’s responsible.

Onscreen keyboard

I got by for the rest of the day by typing with my mouse onto an onscreen software keyboard that I found by cutting & pasting the words “onscreen keyboard mac” – one letter at a time, natch – into Google.

Borrowed keyboard

This morning I was able to borrow an interim keyboard off somebody which will tide me over until I can afford a new one.

So what’s really happened here? My Schedule of Destruction has simply expanded to include my old keyboard, which was dirty and cruddy and needed to be eliminated anyway. I have lost nothing. Not even time – because (as regular readers will know) I don’t believe in it.

In your FACE, forces of darkness.


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6 Responses to Soiled Keyboard

  1. Onscreen keyboard, coping and pasting letters? How resorceful!

  2. Nada Awad

    This post is cursed, right? Who ever reads it drops a drink on their keyboard.
    I knew you were up to something, I knew it!

  3. Damn, y’rumbled me.
    Does this mean you don’t want to be my puppe– er, President of the Universe anymore?

  4. Nada Awad

    I’ll have to think about it. I can smell the evil brewing. I’ve got my eye on you. Just look out your window and see.

    Haha. Made you look.

  5. You know Awad, I like to think of myself as the more evil of us. But sometimes I reckon that’s just what you want me to think…

  6. Who put that silly idea in your mind?! There is absolutley no possibility of ME being the evil one…
    :carefully hides knife behind her back:

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