Man, I Just, Like, Voted

I wasn’t planning to originally, but Semi talked me into it on the grounds that the Greens will likely take some seats away from serious politicians, which is always a good cause. I hope he is having fun at Earthcore. I imagine that he is.

I just voted for the Greens whilst tripping on leftover cactus, partly in his honor. I’m sure Bob Brown (with whom I once shared a taxi, whilst dressed as a giant koala – i’m sure it wasn’t just a dream) would not disapprove. I tried to imagine what John Howard would feel. I tried to imagine him feeling pain in some way. How I tried. But all I could see was him going “stupid hippies; ah well, *shrugs*, they will all self-destruct soon enough anyway”, and not understanding at all. Which kind of pissed me off, but did at least make me feel like, in some obscure way, I had not done entirely the wrong thing.

Now I am trying to decide whether to watch The Dark Crystal again. I fell asleep before the end last time.

~ has suggested to me that the girl Gelfling ultimately dies; but I feel sure that this cannot be the whole truth. Henson and Oz would not do that to me. They would not dare.

I will watch their silly movie, in any case. They can bring it. Doesn’t matter if the chick dies; the whole healed-crystal thing redundifies such petty concerns.

Yes, it does.


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24 Responses to Man, I Just, Like, Voted

  1. Did I convince you to vote? Why on earth would I do that? I must have been drunk or on drugs or appeared to you in a vision.

  2. teigan

    Option (b), iirc.
    What are you doing at a computer?!

  3. ~

    semi i blame you 100%, he dragged me along (even though i dont vote) and made me sit though a chutney sale, all i could do to avoid the clutches of purveyors of suspect chutney, was gawp at the srawlings of preschoolers.

  4. teigan

    It’s frikken hilarious: residents of our neigbourhood were required to vote not merely at the Fitzroy Primary School, but specifically at the Fitzroy Primary School’s Infant Centre.
    I’m sure they do that deliberately.

  5. (b) as in I appeared to you in a vision? Look, I am not responsible for my astral body’s whack political convictions. My corporeal body would have encourage you not to vote.
    And my IP service has resumed after a little non-bill-paying-bitches-who-cause-things-to-get-cut-off generated hiatus.

  6. teigan

    >(b) as in I appeared to you in a vision?
    No, (b) as in you were drunk. Like Stevie Nicks, I keep my visions etc
    >And my IP service has resumed
    But I thought you would be at Earthcore by now, is what I meant

  7. teigan

    Actually, that should have been (a). Sorry, I was on drugs when I wrote that comment.
    You were drunk. We were at the Purple Turtle. T was there. Bob Brown, possibly, as well. Possibly Stevie Nicks. I’m sure it wasn’t etc

  8. Ahhh. Never listen to anything I say when I’m drunk. You only have yourself to blame for that. Though it sounds more like something T would say rather than myself.
    EC finished on Sunday and I left promptly. There are only so many hours I can stand around hippies and their ilk.

  9. teigan

    Well, quite. The smell etc. Stupid dirty hippies! I’m with our glorious leader on that one, actually.
    And there’s something you won’t hear me say very often.

  10. >Never listen to anything I say when I’m drunk. You only have
    >yourself to blame for that. Though it sounds more like
    >something T would say rather than myself.
    The irresponsibility! It’s staggering!
    Love yer work, SFHB

  11. >the whole healed-crystal thing >redundifies such petty concerns.
    I beg to differ, hes the last gelfing if he wants to get laid the only remotly shaggable things left are podlings. and they dont count, no stick books either. ask any guy; you can save the world from an eternity of tyranny, despair, fear, and chaos though you probably wont succeced and most likely die in the process, and even if you do somehow succede youll never do the dirty ever again.
    Or you can nip off somewhere safe and eke out your days getting laid on a regular basis.
    most of them will choose the former the ones that say otherwise are either crazy drunk or lying.
    Seriously if movies have taught us anything its that if you somehow save the world, or survive an ending of it you get laid. otherwise whats the point?

  12. teigan

    I disagree.
    What about Spiderman? He walks away from the girl because he has more important things to worry about than PMS and protecting some chick from supervillans all the time when he should be out fighting supervillans elsewhere. Silly girls, who needs ’em?
    Or what about Apocalypse Now? The ending always seemed kind of confusing to me – but best I could figure it, Charlie Sheen doesn’t get the girl. It was still a happy ending.
    Or Star Wars? The girl turned out to be his sister! Ew!
    Still a happy ending.
    You think just coz exams are over you can be hitting that crackpipe as hard as you want but I’m onto you

  13. teigan

    Adam’s onto you too! Your crack smoking days are numbered, my friend

  14. spiderman can get laid any time he wants, you saw the movie he has groupies god-dammit. with the gelfing its different she was the only shaggable bird left. Also im not talking about some sort of snow white/cinderella story, just about him being able to get his end off. It might surprise you but even muppets have needs as suicidal will attest.

  15. as far as muppet poon-tang goes kira was the bomb

  16. teigan

    I agree. Not that I am a muppet myself. I am simply a muppet-fancier.
    *moment of silence for Kira, the beautiful girl gelfling, who dies apparently*
    (still haven’t watched it to the end, coz i couldn’t get it to work in my computer; shakes fist at region coding etc)

  17. Dude, that last “Adam” wasn’t even me!
    I wonder who it was?
    Maybe it was you.

  18. teigan

    I would never impersonate you! That would be most impolite. And unlike some shady characters, I don’t comment under random names. Unless there’s a particularly funny joke to be made.
    I shall investigate this.

  19. teigan

    Okay – I don’t know who that was. But the first two comments attributed to you in this thread come from the IP

  20. What a joy to find soemone else who thinks this way.

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