Life Is Good

nb clever peripheral utilization may or may not reveal secret hidden messages

Have a good look at yourself.! courtesy of Souvlaki King. No charge - real decent of them

Best steak sanger in Melbourne to boot, reckons Els; good to be seeing her back again

Faux-Red Bull Coke Zero I felt strangely compelled to buy

Steve Cronin sent this to me; he's basically good, I like him

In retrospect, some obscure shoutout significance may be read into the uncharacteristic choice of variety, but sometimes a pizza is just a pizza. Everybody basically understands pizza

Life is good.


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11 Responses to Life Is Good

  1. Some great descriptions there. I enjoyed “Steve Cronin sent this to me; he’s basically good, I like him” and “Everybody basically understands pizza.”
    Is basically the word of the day?

  2. teigan

    Basically, yeah..
    But dude.. people have to be finding the hidden messages themselves, yo
    You of all people, Adam
    You of all people

  3. I was unaware that these messages were hidden. Sorry.
    And at the end of the day Teigan, this could be a shared hallucination.

  4. teigan

    >I was unaware that these messages were hidden.
    Well, they’re not now, pouts
    Shared hallucination, what a ridiculous notion
    Forgot your medication today, mental boy etc

  5. I dunno, shared hallucinations seems very…. probable.

  6. teigan

    I wonder about you sometimes, Nada
    I really do

  7. But… I’m The Wonder Fairy! Unless of course you’d like to wear the uniform…?

  8. teigan

    You’re The Wonder Fairy? The Wonder Fairy?
    Holy crap, I had no idea
    No wonder you make me wonder
    > Unless of course you’d like to wear the uniform…?
    Well, who wouldn’t
    But you’re much too generous
    I’m not worthy

  9. You see what’s happened Teigan. You’re the only one who thinks it’s not a shared hallucination.

  10. teigan

    It’s like a beautiful dream…

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