NaNoWriMo Redux

November is well upon us (how the hell did that happen?) and accordingly I received a reminder mail the other week from NaNoWriMo. I was seriously intending to enter it this year. Alas, as things transpire, I’ve too much else to accomplish.

Maybe I’ll do it solo in a few months. Or I’ll enter next November. Perhaps I’ll do both. We’ll see.

Chris Baty‘s book arrived from Amazon a little while ago. It looks pretty good.

No Plot? No Problem!

I’d developed quite an intricate concept for my novel. But then I decided it had become too intricate (and I was too attached) to throw it away on some zany disposable speed-writing project.

So I conceived an alternative premise, which I could take less seriously: a pornographic work starring Neurocam‘s poly-talented enquiries and admin wunderkind Ludmila Jones. She says she’s looking forward to reading it.


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6 Responses to NaNoWriMo Redux

  1. I have always wanted to write a book like that. Perhaps one day I will.

  2. It seems a good basis for a throwaway work. Dodgy porn writing can be excrutiating, of course. But sex is almost always an interesting subject.

  3. Moreover, and more to the point, it’s highly entertaining.

  4. Will you be releasing it here as a part-work? Maybe as a blog of its own? Your stats would sky-rocket!
    Like… no. Let’s *not* go there.

  5. No, it won’t be getting a public release.

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