So yeah, I’m going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve taken this decision now so I’ll have lots of time to prepare, and flagging it here so it’ll be harder to back out when November rolls around.

Novel notebook

Novel notes

I bought this notebook to put thoughts and ideas in.

Because I’m a sucker, I’m going to acquire & read Chris Baty‘s NaNoWriMo bible No Plot? No Problem! I like the title.

It’s also a good excuse to re-read a few favourite books.

(138 pages of The Magus to go, weary sigh.)

Another preparatory project will be salvaging old writings dating back to the early 90s from my old Mac Classic II (pictured below), currently awaiting carriage to these people, who are going to put its 40MB hard disk onto a CD for me.

Old toaster mac


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8 Responses to NaNoWriMo

  1. I’ll write a novel next year, maybe the year after- I’m going to be busy next year!
    On the toaster front, her name is Jo. Met her a month ago at a party and I didn’t really realise how nice she was. Then we started seeing each other a bit, spend the next together last week. (I’m the perfect gentleman, of course, I didn’t do anything, I don’t know her that well. It was just nice falling asleep with her).
    Then I got a text message saying that she wanted to be with me but she didn’t want a serious relationship so I was thinking “aw, crap…” But I didn’t really want to give up there so I left her a message, something about taking a chance because it could turn in to something then later on I got a message saying something about not letting her doubts stop her so she would give ‘us’ a try and all of that jazz.
    So yeah, that all worked out for the best. She’s really cool. Lives in an awkward place for someone who STILL hasn’t learnt how to drive, I better get to it. It seems like a waste of a Ford Focus… just sitting in my driveway. You see, she lives in a village about 3 or 4 miles away from mine but I would have to get a bus into the city centre (7 miles) and then another to her village (10ish miles) … Crazy, right?
    This was a one sided gossip.

  2. >I’ll write a novel next year
    Dude, think you just did. It was good though.
    >(I’m the perfect gentleman, of course, I didn’t do anything,
    >I don’t know her that well. It was just nice falling asleep with her)
    Aww, that is so sweet.
    Well, congratulations! A non-serious relationship is way better than nothin’. (I speak from experience here.)
    >This was a one sided gossip.
    Well, I had a potential romantic encounter tonight, but I was too gentlemanly (or too stupid, I’m not sure which) to make anything of it. So no gossip to be had from this quarter, alas.
    Anyone else?

  3. Well it sure is easy to pass off being a gnetleman as being too nervous to act.

  4. No, that really wasn’t it. Strangely enough.

  5. Well we weren’t the only people in the room, I don’t think others would have appreciated us going any further. =oP

  6. Oh, you were talking about you. I naturally assumed you were talking about me. Narcissistic soul that I am.
    Yes, fair enough. I wouldn’t mention that part if I were you tho. Sounds so much more gentlemanly.

  7. I was talking about you. =oP

  8. Just as a forewarning, I hear nanowrimo novels tend to eat souls. But I’ve read bits of one, and it involved a crazy guy and a homicidal panda, so where can you go wrong?
    Oh, and I did get your e-mail, just haven’t checked it in a while

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