Informing (you of) Your Choices

Indispensable Australian censorship news & reference site Refused Classification has a transcript of the Office of Film & Literature Castration Classification‘s Des Clark being grilled in Senate Estimates last week.

The proceedings were somewhat less colourful than usual this year, thanks to the absence of the insane and abominable Senator Brian Harradine, who is, pleasingly, unwell. But it still makes for most interesting – if irritating – reading.

Particular attention is drawn to this exchange:

Senator McGAURAN – But moving on, Madam Chair, many years ago I was involved in a movie called Salo, which was eventually banned.
Senator LUDWIG – Did you appear in it?
Senator McGAURAN – Pardon?
Senator LUDWIG – You said you were involved in it.
Senator McGAURAN – I was involved in getting it banned.
Senator LUDWIG – I see.

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