Four Quintessentially Nietzschian Words That I Have Found Very Useful

  • Will
  • Power
  • Abyss
  • Destroy

Thanks, Friedrich!

Reading your prose gives me headaches and nosebleeds. But you were, without a doubt, the man.


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15 Responses to Four Quintessentially Nietzschian Words That I Have Found Very Useful

  1. Will power destroy the abyss?
    Will power destroys the abyss!

  2. The abyss cannot be destroyed. The abyss laughs in the face of puny ideas like ‘destruction’.
    But it can be Overcome, it seems.

  3. chris titan

    The abyss can be crossed that that which appears at the other end has no semblance to that which began.
    Failure to annilate the ego in the abyss experience is what creates a Black Brother. The selfishness will warp your sense of power and you will never attain to the true heights of the Supernals.

  4. Yes, yes. Indeed.
    This is what happened to L. Ron Hubbard. He was trapped in the City of the Pyramids. He became a Black Brother. Terrible were the consequences.

  5. Anonymous

    Jack Parsons, thou art avenged!

  6. Careful, you may end up sounding like Bush with those four words:
    Will Power Abyss Destroy
    Anyone for golf?

  7. “… now watch me hit this drive.”

  8. The difference between Bush & me is that he’s been deluded into believing his God is an external entity, whereas I know the truth. Fool. Also, I’m not a lobotomized monkey playing the role of President of the United States.
    I doubt Bush has read any Nietzsche. Which is to say, I doubt anyone has read any Nietzsche to him. (Never learned how to do it himself of course. He has people for that.)

  9. He doesn’t need to understand Nietzsche’s intricacies… he has Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld to understand it for him.
    True men of power know how to delegate authority and as such, surround themselves with people who can provide access to arcane knowledge instantly.
    That is but a part of the Will to Power.
    One could easily make a case that W manifests many of Freddy’s ideas on that, if one were so inclined.

  10. >True men of power know how to delegate authority and as
    >such, surround themselves with people who can provide access
    >to arcane knowledge instantly.
    It’s impossible to be entirely sure of course – but I for one certainly don’t believe the Dub is a “true man of power”. He’s a clueless boob who has been utilized by true men of power; folk who understand the ballot-box value of an unthreateningly stupid and familiar-looking face. And the value of having someone worthless occupying the public hotseat.

  11. SB, what? You can’t really be suggesting that W. suggests any signs at all, at all of the Ubermensch.
    And Teigan, true power is power over self. Once one has mastered one’s self (or instead of self perhaps I should say perception of self) then one is qualified to begin turning that mastery on the world.
    Or as Paracelsus said, “We can only transform without what we have first transformed within.”

  12. >And Teigan, true power is power over self
    I agree.

  13. That said, aquiring power in the political sense is basically a game, with rules, which can be learned by anyone with enough intelligence. And few enough scruples.
    Self-mastery doesn’t hurt though, of course.

  14. Simon, I’m not suggesting that he has manifested the Ubermensch within, I am merely saying that he exhibits the necessary moral flexibility and drive that Nietzsche speaks of when he talks about Will to Power. I’m saying one COULD make a case that he exhibits many Nietzschean qualities, if one were so inclined.
    This Administration is well versed in political thought and philosophy… look up the Project for the New American Century. Wolfowitz is a political genius.
    T – He would be a true man of power, except he surrounded himself with men who are jingoist, untrustworthy slime. Powerful minds, yes… but ultimately untrustworthy and blinded. He (or perhaps his father, who IS a true man of power) was intelligent enough to know who to surround himself with, and how to properly delegate authority, but ultimately their lust for power is what destroys them… as Simon suggests, they have not mastered themselves, and as such could never assert dominance over others.
    His mishandling of post-9/11 affairs is probably the single greatest political fuck up of all time. These are men who have been frothing at the mouth for American hegemony since the Ford Administration… and they let their visions of “empire”, continued American dominance, and the idea that their little circle could remain unbroken cloud their minds.
    They actually began to believe their own horseshit… they had “a mandate.” 😉

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