Mobile Quandry

So, my old phone is definitely lost.

I need to get another as a matter of priority.

Having conducted a whirlwind survey of the market I’ve narrowed it down to two options. But now, just for a fucking change, I’m paralysed by indecision.

First, there’s the Nokia 6610i. This is the sensible option.

– Within my price range
– Familiar, since it is just my old phone with a camera in it

– It’s just my old phone with a camera in it; get real

Then there’s the 6101.

– Is desperately sexy and I want it so bad
– MP3 ringtones
– Have basically already decided on a level deeper than I can entirely control that it will be mine

– Strong & convincing case can be made that, at A$400, it’s about twice as expensive as I can reasonably afford
– Advertising tends to suggest it’s really a girl’s phone

I am at an impasse.

Maybe I could sign a contract and do a deferred payment deal-thing. I wonder if I’d qualify. Probably not. I have a clear credit history but only fairly casual employment.

Somebody tell me what to do.

UPDATE – I just talked to Virgin Mobile (incidentally, what do we think about their bizarre ‘please stop pranking Jason Donovan on the following number’ campaign? Lame, or quite funny & clever? Once again.. I just can’t decide. In any case it seems to have worked on me) and they told me I could indeed have a 6101 with more than enough included credit for a paltry $25 a month over two years.. YAY! BUT they’re out of stock till mid-November. Arrgh!


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9 Responses to Mobile Quandry

  1. I’m going for the Motorola V3 because i’m super-fly.

  2. I admit this doesn’t help your situation and so I offer you this advice, always get the cooler one.

  3. Thanks for that advice. I think it’s really good advice.
    I have somehow been pwn3d by Nokia. Not quite sure how it happened – but I just have very little interest in any other brand of phone.

  4. Euch, nokia. Get a motorola, already.

  5. Y’reckon?
    Given a third Motorola endorsement – three being, of course, the magic number – I’ll look into it.
    They make good microprocessors (he said, once again exhibiting a quite shameful degree of brand hypnosis).

  6. I have a Treo 650.
    It’s my friend.

  7. Yeah? My driving instructor has one of those. If anything he is a bit more fond of it than I’m entirely comfortable with. Certainly whilst executing tricky right hand turns.
    I will get an all-in-one device when it can replace my iPod and sync seamlessly with OSX. And look a little bit cooler than the Treo. They’re quite nice though..

  8. Yes but they cater well to people of few resources.

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