He chose you, honey!

Sing it, Fitsy.

Can I call you Fitsy? I feel as if I know you. Although of course I don’t, nor will I ever.

Total number of hits I have received as a result of people searching on some variant of ‘katie holmes brainwashed scientology’ since June: 108.


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7 Responses to He chose you, honey!

  1. OT ::
    Did you enjoy the film “the game” ?

  2. Does the “OT” stand for “off topic”? We are never off topic here at the ‘Fields.
    The answer is yes. Yes I did.
    I’d seen it before. I think it’s brilliant.

  3. Yes, OT does stand for off topic!
    Glad you liked it! Maybe sometime in the near future we can chat about it via more audio messages.
    I’ll have to watch it again though, eventually I’ll get it on DVD… I waste so much money on DVDs lol. I love them.

  4. I would too if I ever had any time to watch the fuckers.
    *whinge piss moan*

  5. PS I’ve lost your last audio msg – can you put it up again for us?

  6. Cronin, NEC 3540A Dual Layer burners are about 40 bucks at newegg.com. That plus a Netflix subscription = gloriously awesome DVD heaven.
    Not that I… uh… do that… or anything…

  7. Stephen Cronin

    I buy all my DVDs.
    Can’t say the same for computer programs though lol.

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