Here Are Some Screencaps Of Lady J

Here are the above images and two others conveniently rendered as 1280×960 desktop wallpaper.


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8 Responses to Here Are Some Screencaps Of Lady J

  1. j

    oh man, i’m so glad i’m getting my eyebrows waxed tomorrow …

  2. Is that not a little excessive? How much hot waxy pain do you need?
    Any and all, though.. that’s the spirit.

  3. Damn, just when I was almost through the cold turkey phase…you go and do that.

  4. Sorry, guy. It’s a tough marketplace; a blogger has to seize any edge he can get.
    And besides.. you’re *so* not really complaining.

  5. What is? Posting pictures of LJ?
    It’s because she’s very beautiful, see.
    And she doesn’t seem to mind.
    That’s not weird.

  6. lol dude, every time I come to check your weblog this is all I see.

  7. “rendered as 1280×960 desktop wallpaper.”
    Didn’t catch that at first!

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